My 3 business cards got rejected - need your valuable feedback

All these business cards got hard rejection. Please review them. I would love to have your honest and valuable feedback to improve my future items.
Thank you very much in advance.

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hi indeed, there is much to say as regard to what u have here but too talk globally in the first place, because getting into deeper details, the styles here are too raw, lacking finesse and originality , not to mention that they are not worked out enough at this stage. Anyway, let’s get started

medical center
1- global style
this is too plain, it takes u to push the envelope a bit as , in the end, what u have to offer in the main file , once things to take out have been taken out is basically blocks of texts … which is leading to point 2 …
2- low commercial potential
this is partly explained by what i explained in the first paragraph but not only, there is a lack of additional values, no real touches of originality and something that is rather flat graphic design wise at this stage … not to mention that even what u have left in the main file is not flawless … see the next points
3- balance
indeed, the fact that u use 2 different colors from one side to the other is rather disconnecting both parts and rather tends to increase the feeling of emptiness of the most busy part, idly enough … there is no echo in the disposition of elements and texts either , o hard to identify a guideline. Actually if we were not knowing that they are meant to be associated and we gad been introduced with both parts i guess that no one could have guessed that they are a-side and b-side of the same card indeed …
4- typo
this is really super flat , though this is sort of working al the same for the logo side but on the other hand not at all for the information side indeed. Not to mention that there is something to comment about hierarchy, see next point. But , in any event, the fact of the matter is that this is lacking variations, font combinations and touches of originality
5- hierarchy
the function is sort of lost in between information, when this is an important part and that it should be soncidered as sort of a subtitle. The website in the other side is not given any much more exposure too …
6- icons
they are super flat , they look like photoshop presets and basically enough they bring nothing to the table to say the least … they are not even valued by the way , i thus recommend that u invest some time to bring something that is adding additional value instead of these and that u give them a bit more exposure
7- background
there is no work at all there , this part of the problem that i referred to as far as graphic design globally lacking here and the need to push the envelope

brick lane reality

1- global style
globally , this is sort of tasteful but quite plain to say the least and this is gard to imagine nowadays that such an item makes it for sale as regard to the extended catalogue in any category and the various raising in terms of standards … for this one also i recommend that u push the envelope and try t make the card look more unique indeed
2- text disposition
indeed, all the text and logo are placed way too close from edges and this is preventing from breathing and having the concerned elements enjoying the proper attention and impact that they should be given indeed
3- breathing
evoked in the previous section
4- logo
this is globally very simple and really not seeing and i would recommend to invest some time to create a decent professional one that will take your game to the next level rather than contributing to indeed make the thing look even flatter …
5- logo side
to a certain extent this is a bit the same topic as the logo one, at this stage , u may wander what is the point about having a logo side when the thing is so very empty … this does not bring any additional value to the item not does this increase the commercial potential as well …
6- contrast
i would not go as far as saying that u are violating this basic design principle but on the other and, i cannot say that this is really satisfying either about it , at the moment. The fact of the matter is that darkening the background a bit would help the text and logo to pop out and get the right attention and exposure that they deserve and that customers will be expecting that they have for branding matters indeed
7- image framing
the picture is not really balanced in the area meant to welcome it … there is a lot of sky on top and the sky is in no way what u want to value …
8- typo
this is too plain , too raw, lacking finesse and relief, variations, font combinations and touches of originality are required indeed

rent a car
1- logo
this is misplaced in the information side and there is no impact or anything to give exposure or attention to the logo.
2- z-shape reading
the disposition of elements is going counter clockwise in the information side and the content is given little impact in the end indeed
3- typo
once again , u have the same problem, i think that this is time for u to realize something, this is that typo is much of an issue here, probably the most important one of all and this is not a small deal, there will be much expectations about typo no matter where u are posting, so u cannot come out with something that is bringing clearly no relief like this … typo all alone would bring your item to be rejected as such … u need variations, font combinations and possibly touches of originality …
4- contrast
this is not a super good idea to alter between black and red color for titles, for instance and apart from making very little sense in terms of hierarchy, the concerned colors are not contrasting enough and this looks in the end rather like a failed attempt rather than any other thing
one thing to add also is that the website makes u get on the verge of violating the contrast basic design principle as this is really not contrasting much and bringing some readability issue as well as hierarchy ones, as well
5- hierarchy
this was evoked in the previous point but honestly this is a bi linked to a combination of all the other points indeed, as when u put them two on two together the thing is not accurate enough in terms of hierarchy
6- icons
they are too flat, too simple, and not valued enough o bring the design to the next level indeed
7- logo side background
sorry to say just that but u stopped in the middle of the way and this does not look pretty aesthetic at this stage according to me, u either have to melt the picture a bit more and depend on thing on to pop out , or try to arrange the whole side so that the picture is valued …
8- trademarks
u cannot use a picture where u see the brand of the card … u will have trademark and right issues
9- photo in the information side
i personally do not see what is the point of having it like this … the car is not valued in anyway … this is partly showed only and the selected part is having very little interest , u either have to arrange the “placeholder” so that u can see interesting things of u have to adapt the picture inside so that something interesting is being displayed in the place u have determined …


Thank you very much indeed for your detailed feedback. I will definitely correct these mistakes in my future uploads.
Thanks you again

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ok if u have enough clues of what to do pls check the "solution " box , good work and good luck

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