Business cards rejected


Hello everybody,
It’s been three times in the last 2 months I uploaded business cards for review but I get rejected every time without any specific explanation which is confusing.

I would appreciate any kind of help and feedback.


hey man ,
Your design is really good and professional too i don’t know why they rejected it.
I’know that feeling i’ve been rejected a lot, You will not get a feedback or a reason why you get rejected , so you can’t improve your design.
This is a serious problem , we have the right to know why our designs get rejected.


Thank you for your reply. I appreciate your feedback.
You are right it’s much better if they say something about your work and not just click a button to reject it!
First time it took more than 10 days to get rejected and next times it took only one day to get rejected for new items like an automated rejection!


hi, for me the first one is kind of ok, but lacking a bit uniqueness indeed , but the second one is not attractive enough design wise and need to be more worked out


I am having the same problem. I submitted about 4 designs till now and they rejected every single without any feedback every time and they are just fast like they are ready to hit the reject button every second for me :confused:


hi indeed for your cards are rather nice but sometimes a bit trendy but not that original and the most important thing if u ask me , this is that your presentation is really not appealing to say the least and maybe u fail to identify it, and maybe even consider that this is not for sell anyway , but the presentation is part of the details that matter much and it has an impact on how people feel about your work, whether this is reviewers or people supposed to buy … your combination of colors in teh presentation is really awful to say just that but i want u to realize how much you hurt your work with such a presentation … and in addition this is very hard to read …


Hi, Thanks for you reply. I will give a check over it now. Thanks!
I have another question I want to use icons from so is there way to use them.


hi u can the things is that as mentioned there , u need to credit the author to be able to use …


So I will just credit the author in the help file and in the description that will work?


they give u the instructions to follow there, just check and credit who has to be lol