My card is rejected it is simple looking can anyone suggest me why it is rejected

Forget about professional. You can tell this to someone that is not graphic designer but not here. It is better then previews one but ask yourself: What I want to sell here? What competition does? What customer wants? I’m in trend or not? Do I have a strong concept? Who is my target? Also anyone with minimum skills can do this in 5 minutes.

ok sir can you tell me what mistakes i made in this card?

You can do nothing with this business card. Once it’s rejected it is done you need to move forward. With all respect but your whole approach is wrong. You rush to upload without study the marketplace. Check the marketplace, check it again and again until you will understand what is demanded and what you can create in order to get approved and most important to sell.

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That is great idea to read

Also the business cards category is among the heaviest ones along the logo category and flyers. Do not get stuck in one category. Try brochures, book covers, t-shirts maybe fonts if you want’s to try something different.

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Yes you are right

I’m here since 2012 and believe me I experienced many rejections. Last one was one week ago. Also I created items that sold allot. Do not quit just try to understand the marketplace and sooner or later you will hit.

And remember - The goal isn’t to get approved but to sell.

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ok i believe at you boss can you share me link to read the market place

There is not a link! Just browse the marketplace and construct your strategy.

ok boss

hi sorry to say just this, but basically there is close to graphic design and concept in this card , which is clearly not a good idea when it comes to such a saturated and thus hard category indeed. Look, if i have to sum up what i see, this is blocks f texts, a qr code and and lines with different width … i guess u can easily identify that this is making the commercial potential of this item being close to 0 … and why would reviewers approve an item with so very little chance to sell anyways? in most of cases, if the item had been accepted all the same and that i made it for sale (which is a miracle in short lol), indeed people could redo it very quickly and easily without having particular time, so as they would not save time to of buying, they would simply opt for saving money , without the shadow of a doubt … IN addition, what they would be “offered” to buy is not even really coherent or making much sense and they would , if anyone had ever bought this item, to have to change a lot of things, including bringing some "structural changes …let’s face it , the name and function not being in the same side as the rest of information is just making no sense at all , and i am even wandering how u have been thinking of such a strange idea … some texts look distorted otherwise and look not good . i have trouble to identify the lack of coherence not to play with the address as u have been doing for the rest of information … the global organization of the card is very discussable , but even more when it comes to the data side …the whole thing being concentrated on the left and the right part being completely desert … u have a compact block in one side with close to breathing and the opposit area ishaving no element at all … i guess u can understand that there is a huge discrepancy resulting from this, right? the positioning of the logo and th very little impact given to it is wrong in terms of branding, too. there are strange things about the spacing as well … why for instance having so much space between the logo and the block of info in the data side? finally , but not least, the typo is really flat and sort of boring … there are no variations, no font combinations, and no touch of originality , in other words no work and no relief in what u have typo wise this far …