Hello My card is rejected This is my tenth card

Hello, My Business card is rejected. This is my tenth design which is rejected can anyone help me to get rid of this problem

I used two fonts
Oswald and given their links to download. All the layers are enclosed in groups
its size is 3.75x2.25 with 0.125 bleed settings.

Please help some one I create my own designs

You have many issues.

  • Your card has no concept
  • I doubt you have the commercial rights to use that image with Empire State Building
  • Why you use the same image 6 times?
  • All the lines, shapes, gradients and logo looks like placed with no reason
  • Overall style is totally outdated
  • Elements are placed too close to margins
  • The blue color you used is too bright. That color is unprintable.
  • That blue gradient over a b&w image on print will looks like a print error
  • Use modern icons
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Images are not included but i seen many young designers create bad quality designs and they are approved
ok yes is this mistake to use images 6 times

So your strategy is to continue to create poorly design like this business card and hope to get approved.

If the image is not included what you want to sell some random lines, shapes and gradients with no concept. I’m sorry to say but I cannot call graphic design what’s left after you take out the image.

ok i am trying to change these elements and also try to improve these issues
well thanks for your time and suggestion

hi there , there is much to say to say the least …
1- color mode
judging by what is being displayed here , i am quite convinced that u have been creating this item using the rib mode , which is not a good choice, since the card is meant to be printed …and i am not sure that u master the whole thing enough to make sure that there is very little difference when turned into cmyk (which i very unlikely if i take the blue into account)
2- general style
the problem that i have with what u have here is that this is almost exclusively depending on the cityscape picture and that this is very likely to be changed unless u “target” only people from one city in particular and basically have close to no commercial potential lol
i may also add that the card is globally too dark and looks gloomy and i am not sure that this is so much what most of the companies maybe looking for …
3- repetition
in normal times, this is a good thing as this is a basic design principle, but here this looks repeative period , as both sides rely many on the cityscape and that variations are close to 0 …
4- logo
sort to say just this , but u should invest sometime to create something both professional and that makes sense with the current “urban style” besides this points underlines something even more problematic if u ask me … see point 5
5- lack of concept
sorry to say just this once again but in the best case , this is confusing, in the worst we can see no concept at all and differing signs of who could be the target and what the card may be for … “galaxy pro”, strange symbol for the logo that is hard to determine what this and urban style of the background …
6- typo
globally this is underlining the general problems of quality and missing originality
what u have is flat … there aren’t variations, font combinations and touches of originality …
7- contrast
this is not a small deal … this is a basic design principle i the first place and violating this point is clearly not a good idea indeed ,as this is bringing u to face additional troubles in a snowball effect … see point 8 and 9
8- low readability
this is due to the combined effects and too small contrast between texts and background on regular basis, as well as the low relief resulting from the typo …
9- hierarchy of information
this is more less linked to point 7 … to the global lack of relief … there aren’t clear level of reading, not to mention that emphasizing the first name by making it more spring out than the family nam is more than discussable to say the least …
10 - margins
some elements are too close form the margins and u can rest assured in the best case, the things will be “choking” and in the worst ones, they may be cut at trimming …
11- icons
well they are too simple., like photoshop presets or something like this and as such they basically bring nothing to the table …
12- misbalance
one side is crammed - the info one - and the other is not as much and the logo side itself is also misbalanced on his own … with an upper one much more empty than the lower one …
13- logo positioning
u should push the logo to the right to give it some breathing and impact …
14- alignment
is a fully professional card the logo and the block of info should be aligned on the left (probably on the block of personal data indeed)