Business Card has been hard rejected 6 times without Reason

I have submitted my Business Cards for the last 6 months, I have created each time a unique design according to GraphicRiver guidelines and that was hard rejected for the reason “unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” Whatever the articles mentioned in rejection emails I already tried to follow the same standard and design also I created them myself without any copy and they are unique.

It’s not good behavior for a beginner, you simply say “[GraphicRiver] Your item, Business Card has been rejected” you should tell about the reason why my item was Rejected, If you did not change your policy then lots of good talent will move to other platforms, I would suggest to you please gives the chance to solve the issue.

If I get an idea or proper reason for the improvement of my product I am definitely going with the suggestion but I am wondering where I have made mistakes in following the standard for quality.

I really appreciate you guys can share the suggestion and showing my mistakes to improve my further submission.


Image preview:-

Hello, please upload your image preview for we can help you.


Thanks for your response.

We have uploaded an image preview, please see it and give suggestions, on what will change in our next design.


There are better designers on here than me, like @DesignSomething and @n2n44 but:

  • typography for context info looks blurry and could definitely be improved

  • same image on the outside edge (which when printed is could end up not looking good) is very dark and odd to use the same image front and back

  • QR code looks stretched, is not aligned to anything else in the design and doesn’t really serve much purpose

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Why are so many authors from India posting nearly the same outdated and without any concept business cards? Guys are you sharing the same resources? There are some kind of training / class / design courses in India that all of you attend?

I saw countless times the same New York image, those totally outdated icons set used, the same no concept random shapes. I’m asking because all your business cards share the same resources, style and issues.

Take some time and search the forum. You will find tones of similar cards already rejected. What’s the point of doing the same mistakes all over again?

I’m really bored to highlight the same issues over and over again.

Also search for trendy business cards on Pinterest and you will find so many examples based on a good concept.

Concept is the key! Choose a business niche and think like it is your company and try to create a business card that match with that butiness type.

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Hello @DesignSomething,

Thanks for your valuable feedback about our designs.

We will create unique designs with that business key, If you gives this type of suggestion in our first Business card then we will make the better Business card in the next Design, but simply say “[GraphicRiver] Your item, Business Card has been rejected”


The first card is totally outdated like the rest of them. You need to delete all of them and rethink entirely.

Hello @DesignSomething ,

Thanks for your quick response. We have seen graphicriver New releases category and found that some designs match as we have created business card designs, they use the same pattern(the same outdated and without any concept business cards?) but the design was approved recently on graphicriver.

Yes, we will delete all of them and rethink entirely.


Then reviewer probably consider that your cards are too similar with some already approved. That’s why is better to avoid random patterns / shapes without any concept behind.

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try you can create more unique style and design. but you can see only inspirations in graphicriver approved (no copy).

First rule of ‘my item has been rejected club’… don’t compare your rejected items to approved items, sometimes the reviewers have off days.

hi as for me, I tend to believe that part of the problems for almost all the things that u have showed here, this is that this is neither original nor completely well arranged all the way, as potential buyers maybe looking for such a type of item indeed. I particularly agree Designsomething, when he mentioned that u do not bring anything new to the table with any of these cards. The fact of the matter is that creativity is normally not the main point for a corporate product in the first place , people will be more likely to expect from u to have all professionally arranged instead, but , on the other hand, this is a marketplace and of course, with a reviewing , this is changing everything , so to speak. I assume that u can identify that if u come with all the same style, color associations, kind of images of used, typo and so on, u will have a good deal of trouble to, at the very least, give your item a fresh touch and differ from already a significant catalogue of products. Especially in this category , I might add, since many people try to get in this category. This is as far as originality / creativity goes

Now, more “technically speaking”, as I mentioned above, what u are expected to do is to make sure that absolutely everything is properly arranged, balanced, aligned and everything. Part of the difficult part is that u have to make sure that there is no flaw at all. The lucky part is that this is a template and u may choose to modulate the content so that u can more easily do so. Anyways, as showed by Charlie, the QR code is not aligned. Alignment is a basic design principle and needless to say that messing with it is a not a good idea, that’s the bottom line. The spacing needs more work too, the global vertical balance of the disposition of the content is not completely done well at this stage and there is a bit visual disharmony resulting from it here and there. I am also particularly wandering why placing name and function so very high on the “New York” card and leaving to much space under , leaving the personal information completely disconnected from name and function. U should realize that it makes very little sense … but brings trouble instead. I know that this is a “common practice” to use the very same color declinations for each card but, apart from not being original at all, honestly , this is a very inefficient practice in the end when u end up having contrast problems. Look, the green versions are very significant. U have the person’s name this is close to being unreadable and this breads a hierarchy issue … why apart from trying to the same as other people do, putting a different color in the name, it looks like they belong to two different categories of information , when they are not , this is both inefficient and incoherent in this case. The color issue is also well highlighted by the icons. Icons do not pop out, and this takes out the exposure out of it, and , in the meanwhile, this is contributing to flatten some of the graphic elements that are supposed to be valued so that u can say that u have brought some additional value … finally I may add that the urban cityscape , is not really original and in the case this looks really dark and for me this ruins the harmony of the rest of the card , as such

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