My Business Card Got Every time Rejected b'coz of Quality Standard ?

Hellow guys,

I uploaded my business card design 5 to 6 times, each time different design but when review is complete, every time i got hard rejected because of quality standard.

I got mail like this “Thank you for your submission. We have completed our review of “Creative Business Card” and unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.”

Can anyone help me please for how i prepare my file and all that … i read all rule and terms but i didnt found that … i am very dissppointed for that …

thansk in advance

Hi bro.
It is not unique.
I think i have seen it on graphic river.

ok no problem,

you have idea or you have any ready business card of you which is in alreeady in graphicriver please can you send me for reference only ?

it will be very thankful for me if you can please …

Sorry for late reply
But i have no business card that approved on GrphicRiver.

Before i send 5 business card and all hard rejected.

it is not only about unique (of course if you have the unique item you got the money :slight_smile:

at this moment you have 21K + business cards on the market. You think we have thousands of geniuses here who are able to make unique and never seen before item every time? :slight_smile:

No, we don’t. You can make something similar to the others… BUT, your item has to be Very good quality, eye-catching etc. You can’t see other’s item and just remake them.

Questions like “why my item was rejected” are hard to answer. You can design or you can’t. Simple as that.

It is like this - > you can give 5 persons kawasaki ZX10 and send them to the race track. Someone will be the first, someone will be the last, someone will crash.

Why? You gave them same bikes on the same track so why?

Someone can drive better, someone can’t drive, someone had a bad day and crushed his face on the corner :slight_smile:

don’t ask - try, try, try :slight_smile: