Why this Business Card has been rejected???

Can someone help me?
Why this Business Card has been rejected???

What is the problem??

I have submitted my Responsive Business Card for review last week and that was hard rejected for the reason “unfortunately, we found it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again.” Whatever the articles mentioned in rejection emails I already tried to follow the same standard and design also I created them myself without any copy and they are unique.

If I get an idea or proper reason for the improvement of my product I am definitely going with the suggestion but I am wondering where I have done mistakes to follow the standard for quality.

I really appreciate you guys can share the suggestion and showed my mistakes to improve my further submission.

Hi @akkustudio
It’s pretty hard to see what the actual design looks like. The image quality is so low that you can’t read anything or see any of the details.

What I can see though, is that most of the information is way too close to the edges. You should have a lot more “breathing” room and keep everything in from the edges by at least 5mm if not a bit more.

I can’t tell what it says, but the black text on the coloured portion doesn’t read well, even if the image quality is raised. I would keep that text white.

Overall I think the design is too simple. The simplistic look is often a nice way to go, but in a premium marketplace like GraphicRiver, you need to do a bit more. Keep in mind that business cards is one of the hardest categories to get into because of how overly bloated it is. Coming up with something original and high-quality becomes very difficult because it’s probably been done a thousand times before. If you really want to make a business card, your best bet is to focus on something niche and really lean into it, rather than try for a generic look like so many others.

This is the result when you don’t understand the basic principles and design rules. As @XioxGraphix said elements looks cramped. The layout looks cheap. There is no concept behind. Typography and hierarchy are non-existent. That logo doesn’t fit at all. QR codes are useless unless it is not used creatively. Also do yourself a favor and DELETE (like permanently) those horrible dated icons!