Business Card Design got Hard Rejected

After waiting for more than 3 days, I got an e-mail from Graphic River saying my Business Card Design “doesn’t meet their quality standards”.

I strongly disagree that my design is below their standards. I don’t want to offend anyone, but scrolling through some of the designs, mine is definitely meeting the requirements.

  • Fully layered
  • Easily customizable
  • PSD
  • 300DPI CMYK
  • 3.5"x2" (3.75"x2.25" with bleeds) + guidelines.

Personally, I like it. If I needed business cards, I’d probably go for something similar to this.

However, I’ve seen A LOT of cards similar to this, many of which have been from people on the forum asking why it was rejected. One reason it could have been rejected could just be that there are already so many cards that are similar to this one. Business cards, logos, and I think even flyers are some of the most popular categories here on GraphicRiver, thus they are the most difficult to get into due to overpopulation.

I imagine it must be a little hard for reviewers to make these decisions, they want things to be fair, but at the same time they can’t flood the market with too many similar designs.

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this is cool i really like the originality u have in this one
now i am not sure that a reversed “roger federer” logo is a good idea lol but this is harmonious with the rest indeed
the major problem for me is that your icons are photoshop preset and this is seen badly as for i could understand … i guess that introducing more worked out icons would improve your item again …
i am also not sure where this is coming from , maybe from preview in the mockup or not, but the spacing looks uneven between lines and information and as i can see it now this is ruining a bit your work
i think that replacing address 9 by something would be welcome too

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really? i know i am not used to do the same as i used to to - ie have a look an comment a lot of items just like i did in the past - but as for me i have scarcely seen this kind of card in the market …

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I see a lot of cards with the diagonal cuts and layered paper effect, probably because it’s a nice looking effect.

I do like it overall, I just feel like I’ve seen it too many times.

i do not have the same feeling indeed, especially as color differ , but yes i agree with u this is not revolutionary concept wise indeed, but does it really matter after all? sometimes purely well executed things, really pro all the way can be good creations indeed

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In general I don’t think complete originality and revolutionary design is a must, but I do think it’s somewhat important when selling an item in a vast sea of similar items.

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Thank you for your reply.

I appreciate you taking time to explain what might be (or most likely is) the reason behind the rejection.

Yeah, there definitely are similar business cards, but I can’t think of a design, especially business card design that I haven’t seen or have seen something similar to it. I took a concept that I like and created this card design from scratch adding the details that I personally liked.

Anyway, thanks for the reply. I do understand the reasoning behind why they wouldn’t accept it as flooding market with similar designs doesn’t seem like a smart idea business-wise.

I thought they meant the design was subpar and below their standards.

I just want to add a few other points on what I like about your item.

  • The colours you’ve chosen are nice, they seem carefully picked and arent too flashy.

  • I like how you’ve given a name for each style, and the fact that you have multiple styles. Good marketing.

  • The presentation is nice and sleek and goes along well with the design of the cards.

They don’t really give clear reasons for rejections anymore, now they have a few pre-written notes and they select them based on how close it is to their reason. Rejection for item quality standard could mean many things.

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Thank you for your reply and your suggestions. I appreciate your time.

Also, thanks for heads up in the first paragraph. As for icons, these are not Photoshop preset, but yeah, I agree on that, I could go and create something more aesthetic.

The spacing between those details is even, except the first one since it has two lines, but those might look off on a mockup.

Yeah, I just thought of adding like generic Address field, LOL. Thanks for the input.

I did see some similar items in terms of using similar style, but I would agree that there aren’t that many similar designs here on GraphicRiver.

Thank you very much for your feedback!

I thought about all those aspects you’ve mentioned before uploading the design in order to make the complete presentation fitting to the business card design.

Also, thank you for the info provided. I’m new here, so it’ll definitely be helpful in the future.

:laughing: Sorry, missed this somehow. LOL. It stands for FR Design as that’s how clients and users know me on other platforms and portfolio sites, but the username was taken. :disappointed_relieved:

So that’s why I opted for my second favorite alternative Ferra (my nickname) Design.

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sorry i did not see in the first place it was your logo in a general way lol

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