My business card get rejected

Hi Guys, I uploaded this business card on Graphicriver but I got a hard rejection, can anyone please help me, to find where is the problem?

Thank you so much for your help

Hello Vinq,

Although it is a nice business card, it looks like it is below the current average quality of a GraphicRiver business card.

I did a quick search and found a lot of free business cards that are very similar to yours, even with the QR code.

If you search for business card on GraphicRiver you’ll immediately notice that all the results have something unique and never seen before. Most if not all have complex designs that can not be reproduced by non-graphics-professionals.

A hard rejection in this case means that you must keep refining your product, while also introducing some elements that will make it unique and appealing, so that people will think “I would pay for this” at a glance (among all other possible choices).


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Thank you so much Honeyside for your help, can I use the same design and add more shapes, and repload it again?

hi Vinq,
well basically , as such , this is too raw … think about it , what u have , at this stage, would take not over 5 minutes to be redone by a professional designer, which basically is decreasing gamely the commercial potential of your item anyway, in case it had been making it for sale …why would reviewers accept a card that they can be certain that it will not sell if approved? people are looking for saving some time and buy to save it … but if they feel like that they won’t really do this, the commercial viability of your template is decreasing gamely as people will choose to save the money and do it by themselves. In addition, let’s face it, what u have is not really perfect , as well , apart from this first issue.

here are a collection of things to fix , take into account and modify to take your game to the next level

1- global style
as i more or less mentioned beforehand, there is not to much graphic design at the moment, u need to push the envelope to create more “wow effect” and to make people feel there is a good deal of work in your item, and in order to bring something more original to the table at the same time

2- logo side
this is too empty and if the thing is harmonious right now, let’s face it, by the time a potential buyer would place his own logo out there , i am certain that the thing would not look as good, as the design that u have placed here i being adapted to almost exclusively text like logos

3- color combinations
sorry to say just this but at this stage the colo combination is not working, think about complementary colors , contrasting but harmonious colors and shades of the same color, this way u can make sure that u have a solid color base to work with. Besides considering activity themes colors is always a good idea, too, though not necessarily indispensable all the time …

4- target
who is the target, right now, hard to identify , the versatility can either be an advantage and a downside at the same time, very often the most profitable designs are also some being niche ones …

5- hierarchy
because of a variety of thing that i partly mentioned until now, the hierarchy of information is rather flat , the global card is lacking relief and preventing u to have people - reviewer and potential buyers afterwards - to experience wow effect

6- text disposition
well this is optional but as for me i would increase slightly the space between the top margin and the header text in the information side and would bring the footer text slightly up too so that this looks even better in terms disposition and that there is more “breathing” in the process


Ooh, Thank you so much for taking time to give me this awesome info regarding my post, I will try to follow what you gave me and hope for my next business card get approved,

Thank again for your help :pray: