Why Business card hard reject?

I have uploaded up to 5 business cards, but there is no Approve. All the hard reject have been done, what do I have to do now? Thank you.

first thing to do is to show here your rejected items .


hi indeed, u have to be conscious that this category is tough and that a lot of things have already been posted , a lot of authors post there for long and so on, so the standard is high in almost all categories. u may inspire from approved items, having a look at good sellers’s stuff to get to know what is working and what is not, inspire from them to create your own things. After the “generic” tips, @Novocaina is right, if u need us to help u , pls let us see your work

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About 30+ item are rejected. I don’t know why. I have download an item of graphicrever, then I followed everything and my won design item upload following this item, but it was also rejected. what should I do?

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