Business card rejection

Hi, im new here and i would like to know why my item got rejected to see how can i level up.

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From my POV, I think it is because of quality standards and composition issues.


hi there are multiple reasons for this if u ask me. Forst of all the design of the card keeps rather “common” and is not super elaborated, not to mention that this is easy to redo without investing too much time, efforts or without having incredible skills graphic design wise, which decreases the commercial potential of the card , ultimately. Look, for instance, when u have taken out the picture of the city, basically enough, what u have left in the main zip file is a few circles, some bullets with texts inside and a couple of rather simple icons. I recommend that u push the envelope a bit. Then there are organization issues … arranged like this , the information is rather hard to read and does not pop up much indeed and u have a slight problem of contrast on the function that breeds something strange hierarchy wise. Besides, still about the hierarchy for me this is not coherent to have the name and surname not being having the same “decoration” and that u made the first name look way more visible than the last name in the process, too. If the data is relevantly placed when it comes to z-lay out, the logo turns out to be placed in a way that makes it lose the benefit of the good positioning , insofar as this is placed in between other elements, this is not contrasting a lot with the background and so on

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Thank you for your answers