Why reject my Flyer?

Please tell me the exact reason, so that I can improve myself for the next submission :frowning:

Graphicriver send me this mail.

Don’t use free stock elements. Beside of these elements your main issue is typography.

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Can you share with us the exact reasons why they should accept your flyer?

On a side note… why is this person’s post exactly the same as your down to the wording, layout and format? Do you know them?

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Any suggestions for typhography?

hi as for me, there is too little design for the item be interesting. Look, how long would it take to a designer to redo the thing? well a few minutes from where I sit and I am likely to believe that potential customers would understand that there is not this much of a big work being brought to the table here. If u ask me, people would look for more effort in the global design but in particular when it comes to the background, which is very simple to say the least. Th hierarchy is not really bad as theme, titles and namer springing out more, but I would say that they are not prominent enough all the same, despite I understand the very minimalist side that u have given to this product. In addition, the skewed title is not bad but having the skewed date under is just making the information very hard to read and the repetition breaks the effect. Moreover, this skewed date is having a direct consequence , this is that u have the feeling that the spacing is not the appropriate one between the different blocks, besides, should there be 3 blocks like this, I am likely to believe that it would be better without … In terms of global style , apart from theta minimalist side of what u have done, I would also add that , according to me , the design is not very much in keeping with the theme of the flyer

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