Why is the original audiofile always off?

I was wondering, why the original audiofiles are always off. It’s not possible to just replace an watermarked audiofile-preview with the original one. Often the music starts a second later or sooner. I understand why this can’t be exactly the same track if there are more versions in the preview file, but if there’s only 1 music, I don’t get it, why you have to tweak around with the unwatermarked-original file to match the edit.

On other plattforms replacing the footage is working perfectly fine. So why isn’t it working on Audiojungle? Is this related to a lack of QC on the author’s side or technical issues from Audiojungle by watermarking the files?

It would be so helpfull if this would work smoother. Thanks! :slight_smile:

Watermarked preview should not be any different from the original track. Usually the difference you get is due to the difference in encoding mp3 vs wav files. As the preview is always in mp3 format, it will always have a slight discrepancies with the wav version. If you swap the preview with the non-watermarked mp3 version, you should have a perfect match.

Sounds reasonable but I don’t know if it’s true, because even the MP3s are slightly off on Audiojungle - and on other plattforms the preview-file is also MP3, but the original WAV matches perfectly.

And besides I’d like to use the WAV because of better quality - especially if it get’s mixed with other tracks lateron.

If the mp3 version is also slightly off compared to the preview, then something was probably altered by the author. Maybe they put the watermark slightly before the actual start of the piece.

They should however be matching, as in the example below:

Now I don’t know how other platforms deal with this issue, all I know is that AJ doesn’t do anything and merely let authors do it themselves. And we are limited by the wav to mp3 discrepancy.

I think the author of this topic says about the old problem with lack of unwatermarked preview file in the zip file. Video authors often use preview file which they edit and if it works, they purchase track and swap it with preview. This swap will work perfectly only if client uses first variation of track and if author of track rendered both preview and main track from the same starting point in his DAW.

If client uses other variation or/and author rendered preview and main track from different starting point, it will be impossible to make quick swap. In this scenario client has to make all edits again manually.

The simplest way to solve it would be allowing authors to attach unwatermarked preview file to zip which now is forbidden.

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Well, actually:

Though, of course you’re right that your solution would help in cases where a “multiple” preview is used in editing.

Yep, I do not understand why some authors change the starting point of render. Maybe they do not use markers of the starting point and they simply don’t remember where it is each time they render track.