A plea to AudioJungle authors, New and Old! (Preview vs Final file duration)

First things first, as a video and sound editor, i am grateful for sites like Envato. Kudos to everyone involved, even the buyers who comment, rate and review :slight_smile:

Just a quick plea to authors new and old, please please please do not make your final download track a different duration, especially the gap at the beginning of the track. Makes it a pain to edit the audio, rather than just replace the preview with the final mixdown.

I’m not sure if i speak for the majority here, but i believe there’s no good reason why the preview and final mixdown cannot be of the same duration.

Thoughts and comments are most welcome! :slight_smile:


Thats’a a great request and totally makes sense. I always apply watermark over the clean master file which i’ve already rendered for upload.

The only problem are the items with different versions of the track. They have to be included to the preview file as well.


this is a good point, I think many of us start the watermark at the very beginning of the track, which would affect the overall length. I’ll make a note of this. J

also, thanks for posting this - I always wish buyers would come forward and tell give us a bit more feedback about what we can improve!


Yup can’t be helped, with the packs or multiple versions. Cheers

+1 I think being given more feedback about what customers like and don’t like would be really beneficial both for us as individual authors and for the market place as a whole.

I would have thought it would be relatively easy for Envato to run an on-line survey asking for feedback from customers about what do and don’t like about AudioJungle (and indeed the other market places). and what is most important to them.

It would be really interesting to see the results.

(This may have happened in the past of course before I started selling, and buying a little, through Envato.)


Thats a very nice tip thank you! I use Logic Pro X and just highlight my track, and then use the same highlighted area and unmute the audiojungle watermark, mine are the same length! There really shouldn’t be a reason that the preview ad main are different.

I usually do the same thing - use watermark in project where I work and just mute/unmute watermark channel in highlighted “export” area. So the final tracks and preview files are the same duration. It’s easier for me and I always thougth that it is for customers too. So it seems like it really is :slight_smile:


Yeah i have bought heaps of audio tracks over the years without any major problems, but only recently ran into 2 in the past 2 months… Not something u need when facing tight deadlines lol

This is great feedback. We definitely want to get the voice of our customers (the project makers) into our forums to talk with our authors more and more. I think there’s so much untapped value that can come from bringing the two groups together. :smile:

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Thanks for your advise, FunkyMunkyStudio! I always create preview with duration similar to main files!

Please share any of your other thoughts that you think could be helpful to music makers here, we are hungy for advice from the editors! Thank you!

Also I want to ask about loudness of tracks. Is it worth it to maximize gain and loudness (even despaite damaging the quality of sound) or you prefer more quality and less compressed sound (but as result a bit quieter)? I usually don’t like overcompressed and clipping tracks but maybe it is more useful for customers when there is maximum loudness. Thx for your feedback, it’s really useful!

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Yes, I agree! I never know why people make them different lengths. I always make sure mine are the same. Hits home harder coming from a buying customer. Thanks for sharing! :slight_smile:

i’m really clueless about how audio authoring works… sorry.
Best advice i can offer is i guess u can try to make your files as loud as the other files on offer. I usually just look at my audio peak meter for too much red, as well as any waveform that is too full, or has unnatural ‘squarish’ peaks (sign of clipping?).

Sorry again if i don’t make much sense lol

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Music makers hmmmmm… need to avoid having their music sound too ‘flat’, without stops and starts / ups and downs, a bridge maybe. Yes i know a lot of it is dependent on the genre, but hear me out here :slight_smile:

A lot of the files on offer do not make the grade solely because it’s just the same loops over and over till the end, with only a slight variation to the loop. Very monotonous.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the helpful info FunkyMunkyStudio

Crazy stuff :smiley: You have no idea how much this helps. What are your thoughts on intros and outros?

Thank you @FunkyMunkyStudio for your thoughts/requests. Good points to follow for sure.

Good suggestion. Thanks.