Audio Track not the same as the demo

Hi all, I don’t know if you can help me, just want to share my experience.
I downloaded a demo audio track for a short video clip I’m making ad once my client approved the music I purchased the track and tried to replace it on Premiere CC. The thing is that non! of the tracks that ware in the downloaded file match the demo track! So now I have to edit the audio all over again :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
Another problem, when I came to search for the track to purchase I could’nt find the track by the serial number of the demo…
Relay frustrating procedure. I use audiojungle services for a long time but something went very wrong lately, Hope it will be fixed.

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It´s really strange that.

Open a ticket or contact the author.

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Hi, I recommend contacting with author of this track. Usually we respond very quickly and we are providing you short edits if needed :slight_smile:



Preview includes all versions of the track. That’s may be the problem. I’m not sure if Envato allows to include non watermarked preview file in ZIP

We’re not supposed to include non-watermarked preview file in ZIP, I think, but I’ve never understood why.

The thing is that the editing workflow is to edit with the preview version and once the edit has been approved we perches the track and replace it in 2 clicks…
So if they are not the same its a huge problem.

The preview that includes all tracks should not be downloadable. It is not a track, it’s a listing of what is inside the zip, so it shouldn’t be used for actual editing purposes.

Envato should realize this (they’ve been told many times, though) and provide a satisfactory solution. Maybe they could keep the global preview on the item page, but then give the option to select a particular version (main, short,…) when downloading.

That being said, there would still be an issue, that is not Envato’s doing. The preview is mp3 and you want to use wav file for quality. Mp3 and wav files do not perfectly sync up. This discrepancy could potentially ruin tight edits.

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I’ll ask Envato Support. If authors are allowed to include non watermarked preview in ZIP, I ( and many authors, I believe) will include it.

Thank you very much.

“The preview is mp3 and you want to use wav file for quality. Mp3 and wav files do not perfectly sync up. This discrepancy could potentially ruin tight edits.”

Simple solution: allow us to include the MP3 version of the preview file in the ZIP.

I can’t see a downside to this and if it makes the lives of some customers a bit easier why not?

Yes, sure. But I think it’s over complicating things. Why would you use this “listing preview” to work with, instead of the actual track? Doesn’t make sense.

Envato should rethink their whole preview process. As it is now, providing different cuts/versions in the zip is not helping buyers as it messes their workflow, and it messes search by time as well. Something has to be done.

Though yes, since it is unlikely to change anything soon, authors could create a non watermarked “listing” file to palliate Envato’s shortcomings. But, this is ridiculous.

In most edits work we do the client approve the track and only than we purchase it. Did I understand your question correctly?

BTW it happens that client asks me for the non watermarked preview file. You can ask author for such a thing.

I wasn’t asking a question. I know about this common workflow. Which is why I don’t understand why Envato does not provide potential buyers with a workable demo of the actual track, instead of this global preview that encompass all versions of the track and creates all these issues.

The solution should come from Envato and a rethinking of their process, instead of having authors having to create artificial bundled files that have no other reasons to be.

The answer from Envato Support - authors are NOT allowed to include non watermarked preview file in ZIP.