Why aren't some preview tracks identical waves to the licensed ones?

Here’s my problem. I download a preview track, throw it into Premiere Pro and start editing my video to the music. I have to do this because my producers have to approve the track before buying. When they approve, I buy and download the track. The only problem is that it’s not the SAME EXACT TRACK (minus the watermark). What I get is a track or collection of tracks that are the same song but the waveforms are not identical to the preview. Spots within the preview song occur at different times then in the preview. What this means is that I cannot simply re-link to the licensed track within Premiere. I have to re-edit all the music and it takes double the time than it should. Am I doing this wrong? Is there a sort of indicator to know what tracks are like this so that I can avoid them? What is the solution here?

Well, many authors don’t include the preview without watermark. Actually we are allowed to do it, I did it in my last submissions and they got approved. That’s the only solution I could think of. You need to have the same preview file in .wav and without watermark.

Anyway I don’t know if at some point it wasn’t allowed, maybe that’s why most people don’t include it.

Hey, @Scaletech, it might be that the preview contains all of the various mixes in succession, but they come as separate files in the folder you buy. This is normal for tracks with multiple versions.

You could try contacting the author of the track and asking for a watermark-free .wav of the preview file, this would be very easy to bounce and send to you.

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To my knowledge, it’s not allowed. It either changed recently, or the reviewer missed it in your upload.

The only thing you could do is avoid items that contain multiple versions. This way, the preview should match the track.

However, if your editing is tightly synced, there could still be an issue, with the MP3/WAV discrepancies. So for an exact match you should use the MP3 version, as the preview is always MP3.

I was directly told it wasn’t allowed although I don’t understand what the point of the rule was meant to be.

If it is now allowed, which would make complete sense to me, it would be good if this could be officially confirmed.

It would be good indeed. I just did it with a couple of submissions and they are now live in my portfolio. I assumed it was official. It makes no sense that you can’t do it so I hope it is now.

Anyway, you have it right here, buyers complain about this. I hope I don’t get my tracks taken down now :rofl:

You are correct, it is a flaw in the current system. They don’t allow a compound .wav identical to the preview .mp3, nor a preview .mp3 divided up in parts.

The solution, however, is for you to simply line up the purchased tracks with the preview in any audio software (it’s also possible in Premiere), export that new file and re-link to that one. It should take no more than 2 minutes. Or you could ask the composer to do it.

Best of luck!

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