Purchased music isn't synced with preview / watermarked tracks

Hi all! I used a preview track in my edit, then purchased. First off, that was hard because they don’t allow you to search by number or artist. But my real issue is that the purchased file is not the same length and in sync with the watermark, so what should be a simple footage replacement isn’t. I have to workaround by created a new audiofile that is in sync.

Why this un-synced delivery? Does envato do this or is it authors?

Preview contains all versions of the track, but in ZIP file all versions are provided separetly. The order in wich versions are provided in the preview is usually the same as in the desciption. (e.g. Long - 2:05, short - 1:00, stinger - 0:15)

You can try asking the author to send the preview file without the “audiojungle” watermark. I did that for some customers who wanted the preview.

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Well, authors provide the file… as per Envato’s requirements. Authors and buyers have been asking for years to update and automate the preview system, so that you can choose which version/edit of the track you want to try out with. Envato chose to ignore it.