Why preview music file don't fit the original file most of the time...

While you editing the preview file , you always have bad time when you reconnect the file with the original one you just bought. That’s so bad, wasting so much time to rearange the track every single time. The preview track and original track should have the exactly same lenght to avoid that problem…


Sometimes there are two or more versions of a music track (and it should be noted in the item description). The Preview file is always one file and it SHOULD contain all versions in ONE file (this is Envato’s requirement and we (authors) can do nothing about it).

Hello @imyfstudio ! It’s a pity to hear that you have problems with the discrepancy of the length of the preview (and the track you bought).In fact, I have not heard this before (in principle, this is impossible), both files must correspond. Have you tried to contact the author? Did he answer you something? How many additional versions of the track were on one preview file?