Customer claims that the preview file sounds better then the main file.

This is a weird one for me.

Just sold a track and got a message instantly from the customer how the preview mp3 sounds better and cleaner then the included wav file that is the zip file.
Now offcourse, i checked the project file straight away to make sure nothing weird has happened whilst exporting, but i cant open the project file anymore since it was created on my older PC which has crashed a year ago or so.

My way of working is simple, i always export the wav file first straight out of cubase.
Then i export the mp3.
Then i export the mp3 with the preview watermark.

This eliminates differences between the files, so there should be no way that it should sound different, and 44 customers who have bought the file never complained about this either. It might be there is something wrong though, so i want to check this straight away.

I am wondering though, how can i check this now without being able to access the project file?
I could purchase the file myself and see if it sounds different, but this is against the rules.

Anyone with any ideas? thanks!

Go to your portfolio tab and download what is resident on AJ.


Why not just download it from your portfolio page?


Go to your portfolio and click download to download your zip file (don’t go on item page, download it from portfolio page), and then download preview file from the item page.

Go to cubase, import mp3 file from zip, and import mp3 preview file. Use mp3 because wav will nor perfectly match with the mp3 preview file.
Align them perfectly and switch the phase on one od them. You should only hear “audiojungle” if the tracks are 100% the same.

Btw. the fastest and most accurate way to export files for me is this:
I export finished 16bit/41000 WAV from project, make another empty project in cubase, and set project setup on 16/41000 to avoid any further conversion (because by default my projects start up in 48/24, I always record on these settings and export to 16bit)
Import that WAV track, make fade in and out if needed, and eksport it again to wav and mp3.
It will be over in seconds. Then put watermark on another track and put a neutral simple digital limiter on master channel to fastest release on -0.1db and export mp3 preview file . This is just to prevent clipping when Audiojungle watermark appears over track. (Don’t use analog simulations of limiters because they add color and harmonics) It’s very accurate, fast and simpler than having watermark in original project file, because limiters and plugins can act slighly different on heavy projects. This way I get very accurate and consistent results.


wow thanks all! I totally missed the fact that i can actually download my own zipfiles from the portfolio page lol

Thanks again, checking now!

edit: I have found no difference between the preview file and the wav file.

They look exactly the same.


Could the customer possibly have some different volume/eq settings with their preview file in the video project?


Invert the phase on one of them now if you want to be 100% sure

Heh, +1 for the theory that buyer might have been comparing prev and main files at different volume levels e.g. in browser and in software player :slight_smile:


Just did this wavetoys, thanks.

So all i hear is the AJ watermark sample, and a tiny, tiny wee bit of high end sizzle on the loudest parts.
Should i hear absolutely nothing?

Those are probably the artifacts of mentioned “slighty difference” of plugins’ work. Or maybe dither issues of converting. To be sure you can subtract the files and check the result visually – in ideal case there should be zero amplitude with watermark only.

Unlikely such things can be big enough to be noticeable by a buyer though.


Nah, that’s fine, it’s hard to allign tracks 100% in microsecond. And if you hear only very tiny artifacts, that is not audible at all in real life. You now have a proof you can present to your customer. Customer got the same file


Thanks Ladanauskas.

I find it very hard to believe as well that someone can actually hear the little bit of sizzling high end.

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Exactly, thanks again buddy.
I will send it to him and see what happens.

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