Why is my account locked!?!?



Why is my account locked?!?! I just had to create a new account to get an answer. One day it’s all working fine and then I purchase an additional item and then account locked and I can’t even use the newly purchased item.

I’ve created a ticket number 560376 for my other account (DeboraMonjed).

Please fix or give me back my money on all my products.


well mate,

it must have happened for a reason,
which apparently is unknown to you.

May be related to your credit card or method of purchase who knows,
sometimes things like these happen.

I’m sure the Envato staff member will get back to you soon
and go from there. Don’t worry if you do not get an answer in few hours / 1 day

People @ Envato are usually really busy with thousands of things,
and they will get back at you as soon as possible and will clear things up for you.

cheers and good luck with unlocking your account


Is this issue resolved ?what did you do ?


You need to contact support: http://enva.to/Help
More info here:



I did, I was trying to purchase a theme and wanted to buy envato credits for future use. I transfered 50$ and wanted to do 20$ more. but failed to do so for some reason. Is there a way to talk to someone on the platform. I really need it tomorrow morning.


Hi @sherazahmdd

You can also try to contact Envato Help&Support team via Twitter, sometimes it’s faster, you can also find them here: https://twitter.com/envato_help