My Account is Locked Out?!?!?

What the hell? I was purchasing an item and now I’m locked out of my Envato account on the marketplaces. I’ve been a member for years, purchased $100’s (1000’s?) of items, and recommended Envato god knows how many times.

Submitted a ticket days ago and never heard back from Envato staff - further, there’s no easy-to-find area for me to check on ticket status.

Mistake or not, this isn’t cool.

Would appreciate someone from staff looking into this … Ticket ID 419298

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i know…it’s frustrating. we also have had the same situation as you. i think it’s better if you also contact the envato_help on twitter : .

Did your situation atleast get resolved quickly? General consensus on these forums is that everything related to Envato takes way too long…

If I have to wait more than a few more days, might be more prudent to escalate the issue >.>

Tweet them at

Yeah already did earlier -

They replied back with the typical unhelpful response. Nothing further on the actual ticket.

What did you do wrong? (Be Honest Now!)

Same our account is also locked :frowning: don’t know what’s going on…

They unlocked my account around 3 days. it’s quite long to be honest. and it definitely make my sales drop.

God, at this point even if my account is unlocked, they’ve got me reconsidering any future purchases. Not going to wait days or weeks every time they have a fuck-up. I don’t know WHAT happened with my account - there’s been no feedback to me - but I still have deadlines to hit.