Why am I locked out of my account?

I created a new account, (not this one) and after entering in my card info I get notices that I am locked out of my account and need to contact help desk.

I have submitted a ticket (ID: 438409) and have searched everywhere but can’t seem to get any information on how to unlock my account.

I’m trying to purchase tools to build my website and having my account INSTANTLY locked out after entering card information is super sketchy. I need to start getting this website built yesterday and running into an obstacle as asinine as this is ridiculous.

Please unlock my account immediately so I can download what I paid for

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@schrodinger17 I had this exact thing happen to me just now, have you gotten a response yet? I can’t believe it either.

The best thing to do is submit a help ticket with Envato, and then sit tight for a response! Fingers crossed you’ll get the issue resolved :thumbsup:

that’s exactly what I did since that’s the only option. however looking through the history of this happening to other people it looks like it takes several days to hear anything back. I bought a theme because I need something FAST, doesn’t make any sense at all.

what could the reason even be to immediately lock someone out of their account with no information right after submitting your billing information? it doesn’t look good, at all.