Locked out of my account after purchase!

I haven’t used theme forest in a couple years. Tonight I purchased a theme. Went through the whole checkout and account process, clicked submit and the next page I’m told I’m locked out of my account!

Are you kidding me, I need to work on this site RIGHT NOW! I sent a support ticket but is there a faster way to resolve this? I am out of my mind pissed off right now!


Why don’t create another account? Do you pay via the left amount in your old account?

I paid with a credit card. I’m thinking about creating a new account but I don’t want to pay twice. I have no idea if my purchase went through. I did not receive a confirmation and it did not show up on my credit card account (yet) but I’m not sure what’s going on. I see that A LOT of people have this problem and get locked out for no reason. This might be the last time I do business with theme forest. This is ridiculous.

I just created a new account, confirmed my email and immediately I’m given “
Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.”

I’m screwed. I literally have no way to buy this theme and work on my project. What a joke.

So sorry to hear it. Cause you haven’t used your account for such a long time, then I think that’s a problem. @KingDog please help this guy, he’d love to buy item on TF.

I am happy to say they were able to unlock my account. Who knows what happened. I’m happy for the fast response but not super excited about the hour I just lost.

What happens if I don’t have access to my account’s email address any more?

Your email address is the primary contact method for any security related communication, such as password resets and sign in verification. It is important you keep your email address up-to-date at all times.

If for some reason you can’t access the email address we have on record, please contact the Envato Market Help Center for assistance in recovering your account.

What else can I do to protect my Envato account?

To protect your Envato account, please follow our guidelines on using a strong password.

WHY WHY? KoozBoy

I have the same problem. How were you able to get customer service to act, beyond submitting a ticket?

Maybe I just got lucky. I submitted a ticket and got an answer in about 30-45 minutes. I feel your pain. I was super annoyed when this happened.

did anyone give you a reason for why it happened? I’m going through the forums and this seems like an extremely frequent issue. if anyone who has anything to do with the help page sees this, you really need to add something to the help page for locked account page rather then just contact support with no estimated time of response.

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I was not given a reason. I agree that this seems to be a frequent problem and it needs to be resolved. It really could have messed me up.

looks like they’re not getting back to me today, that’s an entire days worth of working on my project gone ><

got the same problem. is this have anything to do with different email address i used for envato and paypal?

I have the same problem. I was about to complete the purchase and hit submit and was given the message that I was locked out of my account. I contacted envato help but haven’t heard back and am working under a deadline.

I then went and created a new account and got all the way to the final step of checkout again only to be locked out of that account as well. I then went and submitted a support request and am still waiting to hear back.

This is really costing me time/money.

Yeah, it’s a helpless position to be in and I’m surprised they aren’t fixing this obvious HUGE issue. I’ve noticed lately that a lot of major websites we use for various aspects of our business are not as stable as they once were.

This just happened to me as well! Extremely disappointed that a site like this would put it’s users through such an ordeal.

I have a same problem today. It’s terrible @collis :cry:

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same same same… getting frustrated! :rage: I will get back to this forum if and when they reach out to me to update the timeframe of response

Same happened to me. I purchased an item, but before I download my account got locked out. I am feeling so tensed, did I lost my money?:disappointed:.I submitted a support request and am still waiting to hear back.