Locked out of my account?

I purchased a theme. Went through the whole checkout and account process, clicked submit and the next page I’m told I’m locked out of my account!
I sent a support ticket (628219) but is there a faster way to resolve this? I am out of my mind pissed off right now!

I paid with a credit card. I’m thinking about creating a new account but I don’t want to pay twice. I have no idea if my purchase went through. I did not receive a confirmation and it did not show up on my credit card account (yet) but I’m not sure what’s going on. This might be the last time I do business with theme forest. This is ridiculous.

This has just happened to me to, have you had any reply to your support ticket

Hello :smiley: The Help Team will be investigating your ticket and will figure things out as quick as they can. Thanks!

Many thanks I am worried that my ccard has been compromised

I think the DDoS attacks on the web this weeks have been playing havoc with payment gateways like PayPal. And that could be why there have been issues with making purchases. Your credit card should be fine :smiley:

Your cards are not compromised. There is a world wide outage due to the DDOS attack that happened yesterday. Things should be slowly getting back to normal, but don’t worry about being compromised. That’s not the case. Cheers! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help, I am relieved!!!

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The pleasure is all ours. Now with your ticket, support will get in touch with you shortly. As this issue is affect many users there might be a slight delay in their response as their processing through tickets, but don’t worry, you will not be ignored and your issue will be solved shortly!

Thank you very much for your patience and for reporting it! Cheers! :slight_smile:

Me too. I paid Envato elements Ok. But Themeforest locked acc. Very bad!

As I mentioned above, there was a world wide DDOS attack yesterday that created some issues with payment gates that could have bounced back to Envato. So if you’re account was locked by any chance, please contact Envato Support and they will get back to you and resolve it in the shortest possible time. Cheers! :slight_smile:

I am also locked out of my account due to using a cancelled company card by mistake. How long does it take to hear back from support?