ThemeForest Account Locked Out... very annoying

Hi Guys,

Can someone please check why my theme forest account has been locked out?

I can log into Envato and have changed my email and password etc (you never know) but as soon as I visit TF it’s not letting me log in. I have £100’s of paid downloads on my account and would really like access to them esp’ the updates.

Please help asap. I may also add that I tried to use the reset password option a few times and while I kept receiving the ‘you have been sent instructions’ message, I have still had no emails from Envato.

Thanks in advance for sorting this.


Hi James,

It also happened to me once that my account was locked out without any reason (it might be related to a proxy connection in my case, I guess). After contacting Envato Help and explaining them the situation, they were able to help solve the issue.

You can open a ticket to Envato Help here:

Don’t worry. Just tell them the details and they should contact you back soon. :slight_smile:


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Thanks UXbarn,

I did as you suggested. I’m not sure what the issue was causing the error but the support team have fixed it.


I just had the same issue. Went to purchase a template, put in my payment info, submitted…and then was locked out of my account. I’ve put in a support ticket. I wonder how long it will take them to resolve the issue?

If anyone gets this from ThemeForest, please help!