Urgent: Locked out of account, and I can't access theme update

I’ve read the FAQs on account lockouts, and understand the issues.

  1. I have purchased multiple items from theme forest. One of them is Expression Photography Responsive.
    2.) I believe on another purchase unrelated to the expression theme there was a chargeback or similar with Paypal. This was probably 5 years ago. It was with a digital item that was different than advertised. I can’t remember all the details.
    3.) I’m now unable to login to ThemeForest and download a required update for Expression, which is software I hold a license for.

I need assistance ASAP. Waiting 7 days for support to unlock an account is unreasonable.

My username is: jonotech

Hi @jonotech ,

Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please get in touch with envato support. they are the right team to help you in this account locked issue. Hope they will reply you soon (as quickly they can), please keep patience.