Why is my account locked?

Just noticed an email for themeforest about an updated theme and tried to log in to download it.

Got some message about unusual sign in attempt and to input the verification code, which I did. Then I am told my account is locked.

I paid for a theme and then you lock me out without telling me why? I now have to jump through hops to get what I paid for,…sorry guys but not so good.

email: [[Removed email to prevent confidential information being leaked]]

Would appreciate if you can fix this issue.

Hey @nothappyatall!

Welcome to the Envato Community Forums. Unfortunately, here we do not have access to your account or any confidential information so the best resort would be to contact support https://help.market.envato.com/hc/requests/new

When contacting support if you provide to them as much evidence as possible with as much information you can they will ensure you get a speedy account recovery.

Apologises about this and I wish you the best of luck in getting your account reinstated!

I have contacted support but just trying to get it noticed as i have seen that support can be extremely slow.

If you submit a help request to do not even get an automatic confirmation email…nothing.

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Yeah, currently they are facing a higher than normal volume of inquiries and our response time could be up to 7 days, but when you opened a support ticket, you didn’t receive a confirmation saying that your enquiry had been sent (incl. junk/spam folders)?

No received nothing at all

So if we try and post with a locked account the post is hidden…we cannot contact developer support because our purchase code is now invalid…guys i don’t have the time to mess around trying to get me account activated. Please unlock asap…thank you - and no this message was not flagged by the comunnity as spam

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That was Discourse flagging it as possible spam when you reply to your own post using a different account :smiley: