My themeforest account locked

I bought a product from you today, then my account has been blocked. I need it urgently, my boss is waiting for a message from me. Can you help me, if you don’t, refund the fee we paid or legal action will be taken. / NO 66452778


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please Get in touch with Envato Market Support ASAP via this link

In the ‘Tell us more’ dropdown select:
‘My account is locked’

Also you should check this help articles:


Your support system sucks, I’ve been dealing with it since 10am but no response

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Please keep patience, they will reply as quickly they can.

My friend, the whole company has been on it since morning, our business is failing, I don’t have to have this problem, if my problem is not solved, you better get your lawyers ready

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Actually we are not working for envato but a community member in this forum. We are trying to help people so that they can go in the right track. You should to co-operate with envato support to fix your account issues. Thanks


Assuming you’re from Turkiye and you have used “Turkish” bank account, your refund process probably/already started by “locking out” your account - it may take couple of days ( 7-10 working day ) to get the refund and you won’t be able to access the account

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I’ve got the same issue and they do nothing about it. I’ve been on them for about a month now. Other friends of mine tried and also got blocked.
Her daimde aynı cevap veriyorlar. Nedeni de söylemiyorlar. İnsanı ortada bırakıyorlar. Berbat bir şirket.

Turkish banks don’t have 2-step verification and it’s easy to claim “the card is stolen” to get the charge-backs. For the sellers, this is not a good option as Envato could block the access all together for the new accounts. Here’s the answer you’re looking for.

I am also having the same issue. We purhcased the theme. And now the account has been blocked. What is the actual reason and how to solve this? Need this to be resolved ASAP.

You need to solve the problem with Envato support - bear in mind that support is a little bit slow as well as the respond at the weekend may not be coming sooner.