My account is locked

I’m so confused that why my author account is locked , it says that “Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Envato Support for more details.”
Why is that? I have already submit ticket to Envato, but they haven’t replied me.

This is strange, contact support team and also tweet them to speed up your issue.

Thank you very much

Hi,there! My account is locked, I already submitted the ticket. I’ve got automatic email from support team. But how long it take the account will be unlocked? Thank you!!

Almost immediately

They are never going to unlock your account. I have been facing the same harassment for the last 3 weeks. All i get is the same auto respond and a mail stating it has been forwarded. Better look for themes someplace else. Some place that actually has some respect and integrity. use google, there are many who sell themes, envato isn’t the only marketplace