My account is locked suddenly

Hi Envato,

It’s urgent case since my account is suddenly locked. I don’t know which makes you think you should close my account. If you can provide a proper answer, we can prevent ourselves from making the same mistake.

My case is: one of my staff who is living in US has logged in account 1 hour ago. Then, Envato simply sent a verify code, so, he just added these number to verify. After 1 minute, the account is suddenly locked.

Please provide a solution. We are authors, we can’t just wait days to re-open our account. We are losing sales in each minute.

I don’t know who I should call, but we are earning living, we can’t just wait in hopeless, please help! @KingDog @collis

I see this problem has happened many time and there is no answer from Envato. Please do something, we are in a panic now

So sad((( good luck, i wish your problem will be solved soon!

Looks like everything is up and running now :smiley:

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