My Account is Locked - Help

For some reason.

My Account was login in oversea. Then it was locked for a day :frowning:

That’s hurting our bussiness a lot because my first item released 2 weeks ago was trending, and it sold really good.

I’m happy with 6sales/day.

Starting yesterday is beautiful with 3 sales and our 2nd template finally approved then bamm!!

Our customer contact us a lot. We send ticket #368498 but if it’s take 4 days to response as usually.

It’s our fault so we can blame anyone but…

:frowning: I feel so freaking bad right now.

Are there anyway to solve this problem !

Its sad to hear this but only Envato staff can unlock the account.
Please be patient and your account will be unlocked after reviewing the situation.

Thank @templatin.
I hope they will solve asap. I wait every time for that.

After 1 and a half day. Our account has just unlocked.
Thank you!