⚠️ Locked Envato accounts - read first

Hi Everyone,

As locked account problems have been raised a few times on the forums, we’ve decided to put together this post to help answer some more common questions you might have on when this happens and what you should do to regain access faster.

What to do if you’re directly affected:

We take users security very seriously. This process, although at times frustrating, is in place to protect you. Security precautions are a necessary part of any Marketplace. Periodically (read: really, really rarely), due to many factors beyond our control, we do observe false-positives. When this happens, accounts are reinstated as soon as we’re contacted by the owner.

This is not to say that every post you find in the forums, or have seen in the past, has indeed been a misfire, but in case you’re 100% sure there is no reason to be locked out, it’s a likely cause. Rest assured that we don’t treat this lightly, and by following the exact steps below, you should regain access in no time!

  • Get in touch with us ASAP via this link.
  • Be sure to include your Envato Market username, and brief description of what happened before you got locked out (e.g: “I tried to buy this - PayPal transaction went through, now I’m locked out!!!”).
  • Please make sure to select the correct category from the dropdown. We prioritise these tickets accordingly, and this will allow us to do so.

We understand how incredibly frustrating this experience can be, and we will work closely with you to resolve this matter as soon as humanly possible. Following the above steps will not only allow us to react more swiftly, but also to improve this process moving forward. Please check the following, before reaching out:

  • Double check your payment method (whether it’s PayPal or credit card, both have different reasons for sending different API responses that may lead to this outcome). Depending on which method you’re currently using, you’ll want to contact them first to make sure it’s not caused by their system to begin with, as this might lead to duplicate behavior, and you being locked out repeatedly even after we’ve already unlocked the account.
  • Please make sure you’re not changing or sharing payment details with other people. This is a safe approach to have in general, but even more so when it’s advice pertaining to online purchases.
  • Please avoid opening PayPal disputes. We have a very clear refund process in place, as outlined here: Can I get a refund? that needs to be respected, due to the digital nature of goods being sold on our Marketplaces. Any dispute will automatically result in locked accounts, and we’ll not be able to assist you, until either the dispute is closed by the user, or resolved by PayPal. This can take much longer than contacting us first.
  • If you have opened up a dispute by the time you’ve read this, please drop us a line via the help form and we’ll guide you from there.
  • If you’re traveling abroad or using a VPN, this may or may not be the cause for a locked account.

While we can appreciate that this system may seem a bit clunky and unnecessary at times, the measure is in place to ensure a smooth daily experience for our community at large.

What to do when you’re not directly affected:

If you’ve come across a forum thread, social media post, graffiti on a wall on your way to work, by someone stating they’ve been locked out from Envato Market:

  • Link to this thread - so that more people see it, allowing for a faster resolution.
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I am a new customer of Envato. Recently, we got problems with Envato software for our client that cannot be handled. There are simple issues like login problems or display feature lacking. Is there any suggestion for good channels to deal with these?

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You should contact the author directly through the authors profile page.

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I’m new here, but is there a reason this is not pinned to the top of the forum page?

I was locked out after my first purchase and was getting ready to issue a dispute notice, but decided to read other posts first. Another curious thing, is I’m not locked out of the forums, only the marketplace.

Hi @mmkdaz - that’s a good suggestion :slight_smile: I’ve just pinned it to the top of the Customer Hangout area, and will make sure the links to it are a bit more visible in other topics people are likely to land on from a Google search.

Our forums use the Envato Market SSO to log in, but they run on a different system to the marketplaces. If you’re locked out of Market by one of the security systems, you should still have access to the forumsl

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In addition to being locked out as I purchased, my password stopped working for the forums and I was forced to make a second account for this. How long does this take to resolve? I need these audio files tomorrow morning, ASAP.

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I see a blank web page when I go the link above (“Get in touch with us ASAP via THIS LINK”). I am locked out of the Support section and need help getting in.

Hey @jman652k

Looks like the link was broken. Have amended, and for your records; https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/202821620-Contact-Us

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