I am Locked out of my account!

There is no customer service line to call to help me get my account unlocked!

Please help ASAP


Thank you

Hello! Please open a Help ticket here - Envato Help & Support Center. Our Help Team will be happy to assist. Thanks!

I have been experiencing the same for almost a week, my account still locked! What else I can do? Help desk, takes 2-3 days to reply and yet not resolved my issue.


Until the Envato Help & Support Team will get back to you via the ticket you created, please also have a look at these things to check if your account is locked:

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HI! I’ve done the same. Go to the link, fill-up the form and send. Till then nothing happen. Still my account is locked!

Have you also checked these?

That is why, I came here in the forum because helpdesk doesn’t help me out of this locking issue. Hoping this could be resolved faster.

Yes, I did it several times, not once. Till then no luck.