Sorry it looks like you're currently locked out of your account


I have a problem, I can’t have access to my account since 24 hours, I have this error : Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Envato Support for more details.

I’m really stressed about this problem, what should I do ?

My nickname is Redone01


Please open a ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center if you haven’t done so already. Thanks!

Thank you
There was a dispute with the seller
But my account has not been re-activated :confused:

They just have a good answer at forum to show their fake polite to every people’ reading this. But when you send a ticket, they just answer you with only 1 sentence, impolite. They will never unlock your account, be peace and leave out Envato! Cause me too.

Here are their answer:

1.) You are replying to 1 year old thread
2.) If you got banned for life, then I assume you did some serious breaking of Envato rules. Feel free to share the reasons.

And the ‘dispute with the seller’ sounds like this may of been a case of raising a dispute with Paypal or some other payment provider… which would normally result in a locked account as detailed in Envato’s terms. Could have been some other reason, but that would be my guess.

  1. Sr I not even see the Year, just the Month & Date.
  2. I told them all story, the first guy answer me were good, but the second guy answered my topic, he even not read any my story and say like this. Disappointed Envato!

Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account. Please contact Help Team for more details.

THIS IS A BIG MISTAKE please i want my account back i have alot of products bought there and spent hundred of $$$ :frowning: please do this for me :frowning: i can send my Passport to be verified that its me and i am real human


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your account. Please open a Help Ticket or see this detailed thread on what may be happening.