It looks like you're currently locked out of your account.

I am getting this message,

Sorry, it looks like you’re currently locked out of your account.

I have urgent works, I have purchased many items from envato.
this is annoying me as a consumer.

Please solve the problem.



Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


I have already raised. I am facing economical loss because of account locked,

No worry about that your issue will be solved

Syn has Replied this
We’re all set. We’ve now resolved your request (1451128).

However, if you have any more questions or updates for us, simply reply to this email to let us know.
But my account still locked

Try to login or reset password

password rest also not opening
saying account locked sir

@topdreamers wait a sec…
@KingDog can you reply at here ?

yes sir

Sir should I wait ?

Yes keep patience

Please respond to the Help ticket if you can’t access your account. They will reopen the ticket. Thanks!


Sir I got Reply from Syn
Syn has Replied this
We’re all set. We’ve now resolved your request (1451128).

The question of blocking an account can only be resolved by Envato support.
Good luck!

please get in touch with support and let them know the issues. They will take care this and will fix your concern. Account related issues only handled by Envato Support team. Thanks

But Envato Support is claiming that my problem is resolved.
I am just wandering here and there without any solution. I am very old consumer of envato and have purchased so many items

Submit a repeat new ticket (point out that the issue has not been resolved, and indicate the ticket number, which they did not decide earlier).

ok sir

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Already Envato team member replied to you KingDog
You can reply them(Customer Support) that didn’t solved yet.
keep patience and get in touch with Envato Customer sucess.

At here we can’t solved your issue. Only customer success can solved this issue.
Hope you understand.

I am understanding every time
But Envato is not understanding now a days
I am also mailing for Refund for my one item from 6th march,
but still no support.
I was trusting Envato more than any one, but Envato is not helping me now a days.
I purchased another item from themeforest without geting my Refund.