Why all tracks gets reject by reject? What's wrong?

Why I getting so much rejects for quality standarts? I see new tracks on the market that have really bad mixing, arrangment and sometimes even composition, but all it was approved, I will not link to examples, because it is nothing personal here, but I really can’t understand reviewers policy… I hear that my works have sufficient audio quality, but month by month I only getting hard rejects. What’s wrong? I don’t argue when it is rejects for composition, because I only TRY to start my way on market. But quality, what quality you need? Everyone around writing experimental things with average quality, gets their approves and joy lifes, everyone except me. I already created post about it, but envato team starts to search composition and arrangement mistakes, so the question is: why you gives rejects for quality then? Sorry for so much letters, just feels full misunderstanding and want objective opinion, but who care.


In my opinion your tracks are way too complicated (in a bad way) thus not commercial valuable. In the first track harmony is too depressing for me and drums are too experimental. I would reject it too if i was a reviewer. Listen to the top songs on AJ to get the idea.

Epic Trailer is better for me but i’m not an expert in epic tracks at all :slight_smile: Didn’t made a single epic track ever.

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@Enrize Yes, but this was uploaded to IDM, Glitch… it’s experimental genre. Is it not considering? It seems like most of people on this market writing only inspirational cinematic and corporate music. Much thanks for your opinion, but I still don’t know how to improve my situation. Is the only way to write reworks of top tracks? But how about uniqueness?

Maybe make the composition a bit more commercial and experiment with the sounds instead? Just a thought.

@Enrize Will try…But don’t understand why they devide rejects to 2 category then, if all come down to composition problems?! Anyway, thank you and glws!

Thanks, you too! Im sure you will find your unique and commercial sound that will fit to AJ :slight_smile:

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I think the parts need more connection to each other. Even though you have listed the music as ‘experimental’ it still probably needs to be more predictable to work as stock music. It’s a fine line to walk for sure if you are trying to break the mold and be highly creative. AJ might not be the best place for that though, especially if you want to get sales. Just my impression, hope ot helps but of course…take it or leave it :grinning:

@Revturkey Just trying to find my niche here, but unsuccessful except boring corporate…

Yeah it can be tough, hope you find a winning formula, good luck :grinning:

@Revturkey Thanks, good luck to you too!

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Mixing and mastering sounds good,I think the problem is more the song arrangement and how you put your song together

@TheCreatorshub Thanks for reply! It’s encourage me, because I started to think that something wrong with my ears… Will try to do more simple things.

Hey, man. I had the same problem with my tracks. one hard reject after another, and tried to find out what’s wrong. I changed my approach to composition, simplifying a lot, and then tracks began to be approved. I am new here, but my advice - just keep working. I think mixing and mastering sounds good too, think about some little changes in approach to composition and arrangement for AJ.

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too much rhythm lines I guess, it’s hard to understand. But overal sound is good.

@SwanMusicStudio Thanks for sharing experience! Will try to simplify compositions, good advice!

@nikitsan Thank you for reply! Will reconsider my approach to rhythms.

To my mind, tracks are very experimental. Try to find right balance of keeping your individuality and commercial AJ standards in your arrangement.

just my opinion
if you want get sales stop trying to sell experiments. create music in popular styles, for popular way to use.
and this does not sounds so good as you think, keep trying in this style if you want but its not for envato at all.

@LuckyBlackCat Good thought, thanks! Will try it out.

Yep, tunes are very experimental
but some moments in your “epic trailer” are nice :wink: