Why all tracks gets reject by reject? What's wrong?

@St_Denis I didn’t write that it sounds good, I wrote that it have sufficient quality for this market, because I listening a lot of music here and can hear any difference. Epic Trailer was written specially for Most Wanted contest and I can clearly see it in any sports advertisement, don’t even mind that it can sounds strange for anybody, but the first track was an experiment, yes. But as I wrote above I always see new experimental tracks here and just really wondered why every new track from me rejecting for quality, mixing, recording reason, the question was not in experimentalism. Thanks for opinion.

@GhostBox Already got it. Will work on simplification. Thank you! :slight_smile:

I’m just a beginner and made only few cinematic tracks. So my opinion can be wrong. :slight_smile:

“Epic Trailer” sounds good. Best part is from 1:00 to 1:30. I like the melody. But some things can be better:

  • more realistic staccatos with dynamic velosity and volume;
  • rythm of hybrid drums is difficult for understanding;
  • rythmic instruments are cool, but maybe it’s needed to add more atmospheric sounds, pads and strings;
  • I think it’s better to use the word “Hybrid” in the name of the track.

I really like your track. I have been in the same situation ( not here ), and im not familar with your genre, but I was once told: KIFS ( keep it f… simple ) and have been trying to do that ever since with ( some degree of success ). Often when I create a “RFT” i tend to think: this is to simple and add to many instruments, melodies etc., but from a buyers perspective: they are not very keen on music that draws to much attention to the music instead of the product. I am by NO means an expert, but being in this business for 8 years, justifies my experiences/opinions… I think (-: .

I tend to agree regarding the drum patterns - a bit to complicated for my taste. Maybe you should stick with the deep straight kickdrum… 1/4 notes ( modern tech background track )

All the best

@unknown_signal Thank you a lot for advices! :slight_smile:

@TheDjango Thanks for sharing experience, much appreciate it!

Don’t worry, I’m getting rejection after rejection too. Seem they have favorites amongst their first few million loyal lol. I give up.

@teenolan Sad to hear it… But I’m not intend to give up, I think it’s not right solution.

you are right EmotionalPathway, They are all own team, they did not review properly. they get the examples from the people and reject the item and then upload the item with other account…

@immersivesoul I didn’t say that. Why you try to turn my situation into sarcasm?

hi, i am sorry to say just that but there may be people searching for something different and for something else than a basic kind of work … i also find this really sad that in a creative place we are just saying do something flat or usual so that i can get approved , there is a bot of counter-clockwise side in all this …

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This is not my rules. I’m just giving advice to the man to get his tracks approved.

that was not a critics about your comment that i was expressing , i just think that sometimes authors are given boundaries and that originality is not that much accepted in a way , this is all

Like Revturkey said, bring more connection into the parts en simplify.
The third part of the Epic is great in my opinion.

It seems that blaming Audiojungle for lack of diversity is the least effective thing to do.

I do not believe anyone on the review team would pass upon “WOW” sounding track for being different from corporate, or anything else. If it sounds good, its good. If it blowed their socks off, but they see it has zero commercial appeal because of its complexity - they most probably share with you what they feel. I have gotten quite a few answers with live (non pre-written) remarks, for both accepts and rejects.

@AASMusicWorks Thanks, will try to work on it!

@Soundlufs I do not blame, just try to find out what is the problem.

Yeah, I know that feeling, but some life situations make it difficult to know exactly, hence the “do your best, and see what life brings” wisdom.

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Still the same here. 10 / 10 tracks hard rejected . I stoped to ask why… i think you just need luck with your reviewer.

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@LeChuckz I starting to think that the problem is in genre. Here are some genres that reviewers likes and some that they not.