Reviewers inconsistency (AGAIN)

Hey guys
So I’ve just had another track rejected, seems like a common theme for me, as well as massively denting my confidence, Envato are belittling me by saying look on forums for help, I’ve been making and selling music for 10 years, Audiojungle (in my opinion) discriminate against certain authors, I have 1 track in my portfolio, out of hundreds of tracks, never had this problem with other libraries, the reason why I say there are MASSIVE inconsistencies with Audio Jungle / Envato, is because some of the tracks on here are poor, really poor! So my latest track was rejected because it doesn’t meet the “recording / mixing / mastering” standard, here’s why I am unhappy, I called AJ / Envato’s bluff, and had my track, professionally mixed / mastered, and paid nearly £100 for “a very reputable” production house to produce my track, how can this joke of a library reply and say it doesn’t meet the quality standard, what a joke these so called “reviewers” are, they obviously haven’t a clue about music, and probably have no musical experience, hate to have to have a moan about the review process, but I really am furious about this latest rejection.
Here’s the track…

Thanks guys x

Good morning to you. I had a listen to your track and I would personally would have emphasized the bottom and top end. The piano needs a little (not much) presence in the mid range to help at 12 -16 seconds to lift the momentum of the piece.

Thanks dude, appreciate your feedback.

Send me the stems to without any FX - I would probably add a few elements to embellish the track. Just trying to help.

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Appreciate this mate, thank you, I’ll send them this afternoon if that okay?

cool. Glad to help.

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Thank you :slight_smile:

I think this track needs some thrilling viola arpeggios at some point in the buildup.

I don’t like that there is no feedback in the rejection. you have to guess what’s wrong. and because of this, I again make the same mistakes in the new tracks and newly submit thereby increasing the queue and the load on reviewers. how many people like me? but it’s all logic…


Hi Dude, they didn’t reject it because of the arrangement, they said it was because of the mixing / mastering, I can only assume that it’s not loud enough, as everything on AJ has to be a thousand db, they don’t care about dynamics it seems.

It’s just easier for them to fob composers off, by saying it doesn’t meet the mixing / mastering requirements, they will have reached their approval quota for the month, so everyone else’s song can be rejected with a poor, generic excuse.

the music which was rejected on Aj, I give on Beatport and the labels don’t do mastering, just fill in my version.

Not sure what you mean dude? You saying that the music that gets rejected on here, you put on Beatport?!

Yes, they sell. I know what “dude”.

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I’ve been getting the same thing on my first two tracks and still not getting feedback from forums. Can you take a listen? This is my second track rejected.

Dull, overcast, and not a pleasant synth sound which is sustained.

Here is the motive. enjoy…

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This is why AJ need to give a better response than “doesnt meeet the Mixing / Mastering” standard, it’s generic, and lame, they need to give each song critique, otherwise composers are wasting their time, and inevitably the reviewers time, as people won’t learn from their supposed mistakes, and therefore clogging the AJ review queue with the same mistakes.


I have this track was not accepted. why do you think?

in my oppinion the author shouldn’t get very attached on his own work.

The track is very nice but if it’s rejected by reviewers on AudioJungle it just means it cannot go there. There are more other places where it can go and be accepted.

Plus I had a few rejects in my time (hard and soft) and I know it feels a bit dissapointing, but moving on and creating another track would be the answer for everyone. Don’t get so attached and in-love with your work, let others appreciate it as well. And always look to improve. A door closed means another door will open somewhere