Yet another rejection!!! Please can I have some feedback!

Hi Guys

Just wondering if anyone can give me any feedback. AudioJungle constantly reject my submissions stating the ‘This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard…’ email.

Yet these rejections always get accepted with other libraries and go often go on to make sales. I’m genuinely considering not bothering with AJ anymore as it just seems to be a massive waste of time. Which is a shame as it was using AudioJungle as a customer that first inspired me to start making my own music.

This is my latest rejection but all the tracks on my soundcloud have also been rejected by AJ.

I just wish they would give more feedback instead of a generic response! I can accept that they might not like my music but it is frustrating that I don’t know they don’t tell me the reasons why so I can improve!

Any feedback would be really appreciated! And please be honest if you think its not good, at least I would know what I can work on!


At 0:40 there is a very distractingly processed vocal part. The clap also does not seem to fit with the mix. Combined with with unusal orchestration choices and repetitive structure I guess it is clear why they rejected it.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will take on board what you have said. So would you say its just that the piece is not good enough? Also, can you hear any obvious problems with the mix (other than the clap)?

Thanks again for taking the time to respond.

Clap against drums for example is out of balance. The bass seems a bit muddy. Also the string part sounds a little unmotivated where everything else tries to be really hyped.

I’d just let this one go and watch a video on youtube about metal and rock mixing. If I remember correctly, there are some good masterclasses uploaded. At the same time, pick a song you love and analyze it’s arrangement and structure and just copy it (with variation) for your next attempt.

I am no expert at rock and metal, but the same problems apply to my genre aswell.

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Thank you so much for your feedback, I really appreciate you took the time to do this. I’ll take everything onboard what you have suggested. The lucky thing is this track has been accepted and sold a few licenses with another library so I’ll do as you suggest and let this one go for AudioJungle. But hopefully with your advice I can get the next one accepted on AudioJungle!

Thanks again!

BTW I have just check out your portfolio, it is fantastic!

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