Rejecting audiojungle

That’s it friends.
I’m moving elsewhere with my new compositions.
This gotrejected

Let the reviewers sell their work.
Let them decide who their business rivals are. Reject us.
This is purely conflict of interest.
And i don’t want to waste more time with this.
I am migrating with my new works.

The track is like one long intro imho.

Could work in other libraries i guess, good luck.

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@Mellau How is that? And if so, what’s wrong with that?
Why not this library?
What makes this library so special ?
Audiojungle now has a million versions of the same track called ‘corporate’
We have reviewers that uploaded the same tracks for zillion of times, minus / plus an instrument.
All the animals are equal, but some are more equal than others,”
SOME (Not ALL) Audiojungle’s reviewers are worse than a corrupt politician.
Everytime that I was lucky enough to be reviewed by decent reviewers, I was acceped , or rejected with a decent reason.
Most of others, they just kill the competitor!
This is the sad truth!

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The main reason for many cases of rejections is a small “oddities” or departure from the style (usual). Your track would probably be accepted if there weren’t any trailer effects before the 20th second.

Reviewers are all in Elements, I think they really feel sorry for us. :laughing:

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I agree sounds like an intro, it has not so much commercial usage to be honest. I feel you, its a nicely composed piece and your skill is high, no doubt about that.

But sometimes opinions are like this, a reviewer might felt it won’t sell much or its too specific for some video. Maybe some other reviewer would not think of this and just approve it

What kind of usage would you imagine for this? Let me know.

Also to go deeper, that “angry” brass stabs and action percussion like, are not well suited with the soft piano sound and melodies.

Sometimes we make things we like so much, but the reality is different :stuck_out_tongue:
Sometimes your cooking is not the best for others but for you it is.

Don’t let this make you feel bad, learn by it. No need to express bad attitude.

Also Audiojungle is a business that wants to make money like all of us. Thus we need to make something with lots of commercial usages


Your piano and synth sounds are too narrow and one on each other in the spectrum (It sounds confused) and they are way too loud (in particular the synth and lower piano notes) compared to the rest. Those two loud muffled sounds, too much in front, make all the rest tiny in the back which you don’t want. You want those drums powerful and in the face and overall, a mix with a flat enough frequency response which you don’t have because of those two low mid sounding instruments that dominate the mix too much.

You have a real volume balance problem between instruments. I would had rejected it too unfortunately because of that.

The track would be better with an audible low bass part coming somewhere before the end (could be long double basses or sub bass notes by exemple). You have a hole here in the bass frequencies and the mix lack warm.

I like the composition but it sounds unfinished.

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Thanks all for your feedbacks friends.
I don’t have a bad attitude.
The contrary.
I have been rejected for 3 years now. Continuously.
I am totally happy with the track.
Yeah, you would have done it differently. Maybe way better than me.
But this is the art.
Bob Dylan hummed his undying songs that we all love.
This piece was made for a showreel purposes.
All my tracks have sold.
My 9 tracks.
It feels like they shut the door.
I would rather have varieties than a clone of tracks in a stock.
I have had rejected tracks in audiojungle that were used by the main stream media.
And on resubmission, without a change I sent the link of the news channel that used it, and it got accepted.
A track is never perfect.
Anyway I humbly thank you for the kind words and critiques.


It’s a nice piece. There’s plenty of commercial use for the track. Audio Jungle has an inconsistent “standard” of judging what is or isn’t of commercial value. It’s their platform, so they reserve that right. Although they have some very nice tracks in their library, they also have numerous tracks that are of poor quality and poor commercial value. We’ve made submissions in the past from various accounts that were hard rejected by Audio Jungle and then successfully placed in television and film. There are plenty of other alternatives. Good luck.


Please don’t go
Don’t gooooo
Don’t go away

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Your track is Perfect.


Thank you!

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I have heard 1000 times worse tracks than this. The way the approve is one the the worst i have ever seen. They never give you a clue of what you done wrong. People come and say this was too high, this was to aggressive , this stabs are really bad placed when you look at the spectrum. I had 5 friends joining Audiojungle. Every single on of their tracks got rejected. Not a single explanation. No nothing. They never give us feedback of what we did wrong. Not a single clue. I really wanna know the equipment they use to Listen to the tracks. Pretty sure the use their Laptop Speakers to hear to this.

I have never seen an Envato Reviewer commenting on any of these posts. They just don’t care. There is no hope for the small ones. No matter how much they try. They flip a coin. Each and every time.


I bet the reviewers are professionals with pro equipment for monitoring :slight_smile:

and if a track has more than 1 issues that need fix then its a lot for the reviewer to give feedback

that’s why you get feedback here :slight_smile:

its not a reviewer’s job to give feedback for all people, only if its something minor!


I kindly disagree @Pandocrator.
If we , use our time to create something that makes money for AJ just for placing it here, than AJ should have more reviewers for us. Patient ones. Who tell you why they are rejecting it.
So you can remix / rewrite / edit /
This last track got rejected after 3 days of upload…
Why is that…? I am having my doubts that someone on the other side hates my uploads.
OR / I can imagine the reviewer having a REJECT tab and clicking on it like there’s no tomorrow!
A reviewer should be a human being, who doesn’t sell soundtracks on AJ , otherwise its a conflict of interest.
They reject us on specific themes, and go to create one of their own!


I agree that reviewers should be somebody else than AJ authors.
But I don’t think they are doing things from hate, or fear that your track is going to crush the reviewer’s sales. The market is more demanding, but also they are humans and sometimes they might be tricked easily to think that a song is good or the opposite :slight_smile: That’s what I think

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The song’s OK. There are people who will license it.

I don’t think you’re going to have to worry much longer. AJ is on its last legs. I give it maybe one or two more years before it’s done. Subscription services have been taking over and the word in the video and film production industry is spreading fast. It’s the same with stock video and it happened years ago with popular music. The days of the “single track” and “single clip” are coming to a close for the low budget markets. They’re eventually go south for the upper tiers too. Things are changing…


Man, what an amazing track! Congrats! I hardly doubt the reviewers reject works to protect their own business. I hear outstanding material being accepted on a daily basis (I hear a lot of crap too, and sometimes that crap is mine, hahaha!).

But seriously, your track is absolutely beautiful. I wonder how would it sound without the fortissimo brasses, maybe they are bit out of place with the rest of the composition. If I were you, I would simply mute that section, or maybe substitute it for a more gentle instrument or articulation, and resubmit. I’d bet it will be accepted.

Good luck!


I agree with @WormwoodMusic and I would say also @LostSoundStudio extend it to 1:30 or 2:00 minutes


Sorry, but the overload of ego and lack of introspection behind this premise is truly mind boggling.

If you actually believe your track was rejected because it’s SO good that it represents a threat to the reviewers’ own sales…then you’re delusional.

Not everyone is going to like everything. Life’s tough that way. Now go write another track.


Dear @EightBallAudio, I wouldn’t like to get on that level of aggressiveness.
If you read the whole post, you would get an idea of what I meant.
What I said was…“Feels like they’ve shot the door” …“Been rejected for three years continuously”
The last track accepted was three years ago!
My tracks get rejected within 3 waiting days after the upload.
Now, kindly ask you…
How would you feel having this explained experience?