Rejecting audiojungle

@WormwoodMusic thank you so much for your friendly approach man. I will consider your ideas and try it again I guess. Although I have gained a phobia.
The mentioned track got rejected, and so did this one

And this one as well

I lost my confidence to fill out that upload form !

What do you mean? There’s nothing special about receiving an approval or a rejection after 3 days (the queue was around 3 days for a few weeks now; for all of us).

About the track, I second what WormwoodMusic suggested: Simply muting the overbearing brass stabs would change the mood of this good track for the better, in my humble opinion. Maybe also rework the very end a little. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks a lot @Nonzerobot , I appreciate it. Will do that.

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Are you maybe you are doing something wrong in the upload form? files previews etc?

The first track should be approved (although I am not in a good neviroment to listen to details now)

@Pandocrator I don’t think I might have done something wrong.
I think I learned the process through my 9 approved items :smile:
If that would have been the case they would have soft rejected , like it happened on my first approved upload!
I don’t know man!
I truly appreciate your approach man.
God bless !

These are some very aggressive words and sentiments.

Of course, it’s easier to blame others than to accept personal responsibility.

So, you’re a reviewer?
Kinda hurts? The truth?
Did you see some of my rejected tracks?
OR just finding pieces to kinda win an argument?
Whats wrong with this Jazz / blues piece ?

My track is not suitable for the commercial use while yours is ?
You my friend feel guilt.
And I respect that. In humans.
Peace !

No and no.

Hahah, yeah right!
I fill your frequency!
Answer my question …
Whats wrong with this Jazz / blues piece ?
My track is not suitable for the commercial use while yours is ?
THIS symbol ? means Question

I don’t care enough to go hear it on good speakers, so…


So what are you doing on my thread than?

Oh, I just had some time to kill between reviewing and rejecting your tracks because they’re so damn good.:crazy_face:

So you did use the speakers and enjoyed some ‘motivating time’? / or was it some other ball ,
cuz it sure looks like you’ve got Eight Personality Disorders
And I’m done talking to the Eight of them!

Hello @EightBallAudio and @LostSoundStudio

Stop this “road to nowhere” conversation, please.

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You might consider trying to figure out what was right about your tracks which were accepted, and what’s wrong with those that were not.

Just read the whole thing.
This guy is apparently here to hang around and mock people. Insult. And show off!
On something of real importance to me and my other colleagues .

No, I’m trying to show you the complete ridiculousness of blaming reviewers for your rejections.

You’re neither the first nor the last AJ author who thinks there is a grand conspiracy to keep them from succeeding.

What you call mockery, I call good advice. And if it were mockery, it would be well deserved.

I am not going to take part of this conversation and choose “a side” (In other hand i´d always choose the dark side :joy:), i have read all this.
You can talk about rejections and advice , but not turn this conversation in a fight.

What does this means? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: