They continue to reject tracks. Judges in conflict of interest? Is absurd!

They no longer approve of my tracks.
I’m really angry and I think I’ll change the site.
It is not possible to accept tracks that I constantly listen to on audiojungle that have nothing more than mine.
What is going on? Maybe they get lots of tracks and don’t listen to everything carefully?
Here two braniche have just been rejected.
I ask for your advice. Fore are I to be too convinced of my abilities?

I thank in advance those who want to kindly give me feedback.

This one is in the approval phase. What do you say the approve?

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For one, the tracks are cut off in the beginning.

Audiojungle is not the only library in the world and certainly not the only place in the world to make money with your music. Move on and don’t be angry. Whats the point on trying to have your music with a company you are upset to? Either accept the rejection and keep submitting new stuff or look for other opportunities. Re consider exclusivity if you are exclusive.

Regarding the tracks, I can hear them as background cues in tv shows or Youtube videos. I think the lead guitar is a bit annoying on motivational piano though, but I can totally imagine a “bed” version of it on background (always provide alt. mixes). As a general comment, I would make the endings more definite. That could help to transition from one scene to another. I couldn’t say if the reason for rejections are specifically what I’ve mentioned though. Maybe its just the sound of your tracks is not quite “modern” or “trendy”. You know, the “AJ” sound, whatever that means.

Anyway, if you feel that AJ doesn’t value your work, just move on.

I hope this helps

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Hello MarscottMusic and thanks for the reply. I get angry because I’ve worked so hard. For the fact that AJ is not the only one in the world I agree and in fact I will go to other platforms. Before AJ was a better place in my opinion, maybe I’m wrong but my feeling is that every song is no longer really listened to and judged carefully.

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i, Yes, but it cannot be a reason for exclusion. Maybe you tell me correct this part and present the piece again. Instead they reject the song and you can no longer present it. In my opinion it is not properly professional.

Some good ideas but the production quality is not of the standard of today. The guitar
sound and playing is totally weird.

ok thanks for your feedback.

I like your ideas and I think that you are not so far to be approved, but for understand exactly what’s wrong you have to listen carefully the tracks that are here in AJ, specially the top sellers.

Good work and don’t give up!

Thanks for your feed. To understand what’s wrong, don’t you think that who judges whether to approve or not a song specifies what’s wrong? it would be nice to know. I believe that underestimating this aspect will cause AJ to lose many authors along the way. Sorry forse my english i use Google translate.
Best regards.

You’re right and a few years ago they told you what was wrong with tracks.
Now hundreds of tracks arrive and I think it’s impossible to review with specifications!
The only way is self-criticism with reference tracks and try to ask to authors that you like it.

Good luck!

They have never offered detailed explanations.

@EightBallAudio I’ve read in one post that a few years ago there was more soft rejections with details to be changed to get the track approved.
Do you know anything about it?

Soft rejections are for technical issues that can be easily fixed; that’s why they are explained.

Hard rejections are not explained.

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I think that now drums timing no good get hard rejection.

Your tracks really do not have a commercial sound. This was done not by the sound engineer, but by the composer. Here they buy music, which you can immediately put in a video project. Your music is not suitable for this. She still has a lot of work to do (sound engineer, or mastering engineer).
The reviewer is not obliged to explain common truths to you. It is your concern to be competent!

Hi, there are many categories that have nothing to do with video projects. Lounge music, house etc … which are not necessarily not. In life I met many people who believe they are better than others. However AJ will lose many authors over time if it does not justify the waste in detail. Competent or not about respect for the work of others. Otherwise it will go on with people like you of arrogance and competence they have to sell.

I agree fully with @volkovsound , I also remind you that it is a market, you sell products as you sell them in the store, so you dominate the price, or quality, in the first case for your disadvantage, audiojungle is quite restrictive platform So “low quality music” is forbidden here.

They can not afford to compromise the quality of their platform.

Turning to particulars

1. Motivational Aquatic:

  • it is difficult to determine the emotions of the song, in my opinion it is not very inspiring
  • strange arrangement and not clearly defined sections
  • poor quality of the libraries
  • unstable composition for this market, of course, it would not be a problem if we followed a certain emotion, but now its about t try to guess most of the time in what mood we should be listening to this composition.
  • In my opinion, the drums do not fit completely here, at least in the state it was in here + the arrangement appears very violently(rough).
  • it is possible that the name is temporary, but if not, it has nothing to do with the song or emotions
  • it is just a badly composed song, the composition does not indicate this “commercial level”, it sounds cheap, I’m not talking about the sound here, I’m talking about composition

2. Motivational Piano

  • low quality of the library, especially strings (or poor use)
  • sounds like a cheap pop song (composition) from 2005s
  • a similar problem as above, no defined emotions
  • no commercial use
  • compositionally, it has nothing to do with inspiration

3. Walk Way Lounge

Here, in turn, I like the song very much, it is emotionally specified, the instruments have been chosen wisely, the composition is very nice and the arrangement, I would personally give the bass in mono and lowered a little 40-50hz because you can hear it too loud.

Pleasant to listen, but unfortunately it is not a commercial standard and I do not see the use of this song, this style is not just popular at the moment, it is outdated.

Compare your songs to popular tracks of other platforms, or even here, and rate how close you are to their standards.

Audiojungle is not a art platform, it is market

  • I do not know why you insult a colleague, he wrote something on your topic, I think his comment was a most crude comment on this issue, draw conclusions and act on, compose some reference work, use the same instruments, arrange and see if envato will accept you.

that’s all, there’s no need to talk about production quailty, if the composition is not good, the sound will not improve here

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It’s a bit of a catch 22 isn’t it?

On the one hand there’s only so much time you want to put into creating a track for such a small license fee, but on the other they still expect a high standard.

Practice makes perfect.

Ok thanks WIDE-VIEW, yours is a complete and satisfying answer and Above all not arrogant. I’ll follow your advice. Thank you!
This work you have done should be done by AJ so that many authors can fix their problems.
Best regards,

If you want to,upload the next song here on the forum and I will write you more “in depth” analysis.