They continue to reject tracks. Judges in conflict of interest? Is absurd!

Sure I will. I would be honored to receive your opinion. Thank you so much.

There is no arrogance. I am a professional sound engineer. My experience in this profession is 30 years and I continue to learn new things.
I do not write music, I sell sounds.
My sounds are sometimes rejected, as are your tracks and I try to understand the reasons and change.
You are offended by a reviewer, but you have neglected the profession of “sound engineer” and YOU want to sell music without sound engineering. This is hopeless. You spit on the consumer, and the consumer will pay not only for the melody and arrangement - he pays for a quality track, with which you don’t need to do anything else. Your customers are not sound engineers! (remember this)

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I might have to agree about AJ at this point in the general sense. I had a literal Hollywood studio producer and a professional designer both vet 4 of my sounds that AJ said weren’t high quality enough or didn’t meet commercial standards and I have customers who reach out to me for personal work based on the portfolio, meanwhile AJ for some reason approved several sounds I put way less effort into and are even more niche. I don’t know what’s going on with these new reviewers but something isn’t adding up here.

I think we just don’t have the broad overview of which genre or niche is oversaturated like AJ do.
Maybe the track is perfect, but they already have a thousand of that style. I think i will just try to do something different with every track i compose. Sometimes I might get lucky, sometimes I don’t…I just started composing for AJ some weeks ago, and still have no approved track, but I won’t give up

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Buyers don’t want to spend 45 minutes browsing through items to find what they want, that makes sense, but buyers also want something new and tailored to their project if they can get it.

Something still doesn’t add up on my end because literally packs with like 20-45 variations to cover a much much wider range of utility get rejected for utility, but then sounds that only have maybe 3-6 variants get approved, it just doesn’t make sense.

btw, i only listened to your 1st track, i really like it, but the second part has a totally different vibe then the piano. Its not a cohesive track, like it has one good vibe, it changes the mood, and i don’t think it should do that.

And i don’t get the aquatic feel the whole track. I imagine, add some chimes maybe, it needs some sparkle, like bubbles undersee when life moves. haha bad description, but i hope you get the feel of what i mean.

The second track has def some mix issues.
The instrument that should be featured is the guitar, but it doesn’t sound like the guitar sits in the same space like the other instuments.

I am happy that i can play guitar for real xD. Consider learning it. A real guitar is soo much better, and you are not afraid to push it infront of the mix because it’s not fake. You know what i mean?

Before presenting this track to AJ I would be happy to receive your opinions. Thanks a lot to everyone!

Hi ! I like the vibe of your track, it’s very interesting and chill; I think you need to add some air (high) to your mix especially on the drums and maybe chords ! To me it’s sound really “closed” and muddy (reduce around 300 HZ). There is no problem with composition, I think it’s okay , I just have some problem to really feel the structure, try to change the end to have something more easy and standard! Maybe try to put your FX more in a mix with compression or volume, the fx sound a little to “loud” to me. ! I hope it helps ! Good luck and keep it up with your work :slight_smile:

Thank you very much Osynthw, you were very kind. I try to use your advice.
See you soon!

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You’re welcome ! I had listen again maybe your bass is too much in Stereo or in the right side? ? I don’t manage to tell what I’m thinking but it seems there is some issues with the bass, I find it a little bit too loud or not enough precise ! I don’t know but maybe try to put your sound bass in mono ? Or kick and bass have too much common frequency ? Try to side chain a little the bass with the kick ? or juste eq them to let each elements have their own frequency range. ( And I forgot but if you want to be approved, try to find another title for your track , like " Lounge And Chill Track" ( It’s an example) )

Hi Osynthw, I followed your advice and changed the bass, lowered the frequency to 300HZ a little and changed the ending.
Ps. also the title :blush: Thank you!

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Should be accepted :+1:


That’s really nice ! Keep us inform about your approval :slight_smile: if it’s not don’t worry too much, you have a great track here, and many site will be ready to host your music !

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It doesn’t sound good. There is still a big problem with the bass and the bd.
I highly doubt that this will be accepted like it is.

Hi thanks for the feedback. could you explain in detail what are the errors in your opinion? what’s the problem with the bass and the bd?

I would use a bd with more attack and lower the bass frequency at around 80HZ -3 db. This should separate them better and will sound better on small systems.

ok thanks Audioland, will also follow your advice.
See you soon!

Change the bassdrum and it should be ok.

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Hi Mellau, I have already done so to change it. Thanks!