Are we just wasting our time here Envato?

We’ve read, re-read, researched, asked, sat through webinars, and been killing ourselves to try and figure out why EVERYTHING we submit to AudioJungle is rejected?!?! Are we just wasting our time here?

We’ve complied to everything AJ asked of us and worked way to hard to not have a SINGLE TRACK get approved.

So after a month of banging our heads against the wall and yet another hard rejection today … we need REAL guidance because we’ve done everything else Envato asked us to and none of it seems to be the answer! Just a bunch of unpaid busy work!

If we have no chance in hell of even getting though the review process for some reason unknown to us, then PLEASE enlighten us so we don’t keep investing all our time walking down a dead-end path!

Seriously, this is maddening! Especially since I’m a long time Envato customer!

Most recent Hard Rejected Track:

Previously Hard Rejected Tracks:

Hi there -
I have listened to “Charity and Salvation” and was wondering if I might be able to have a play on this track if you sent me the midifiles to

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Hi there, I would cut ‘Charity and Salvation’ to the first part (about 1:40) ending on the cello type bit held note and short fade. Otherwise, up till that point I was really enjoying the piece :slight_smile:

Nice sound and whole track either.
As for me they reject track not because your track is bad. As they say maybe this track just not fit audiojungle content so will be not valuable for their customers.
Maybe you should try to listen tracks with lot of sales within same category of tracks and figure out what kind of content buyers need

Hi there, if it helps, I would say there’s too much of the “radio feel” in your music. It sounds like music from the radio and not like music from a motivational/corporate/advert video. I’ve had the same problem many times. Reviewers probably think that an average AJ user would not use music like that in their explainer videos. Even if you produce music for movies, you need to be careful, if it’s not trailer music or exceptioanl orchestral music etc, it could get rejected for not being commercially viable. That’s what I’ve figured in last two years.

We’ve done that over and over and over again … and we check the forums daily and see who posts about their approved tracks … we hear stuff in the same genres as our stuff getting approved ALL THE TIME … and … fairly often the audio quality isn’t all that great either. We’re seriously going insane with this!

I wonder top authors having lot of sales are reviewing through simplified way. Whatever their sound quality can’t get worse.
So take it easy buddy. Isn’t it a challenge for you to make your sound better of their one? :wink:

It has taken me pretty much 2 years of daily practice to start realizing what the majority of customers here needs. One big thing I had to decipher was how music actually works in the background. What frequencies should it occupy and which should it not, how constant should the energy of the track be and so on. I think it’s a lot about imagining yourself in the customers position and project (at least the majority of them) and making music that will enhance their media - and I think it takes a lot experience to choose the correct instruments, EQ, mixing and mastering methods to achieve this.

I too have had a TON of rejection on music that I consider great and that I myself think that a lot of people would buy. Anyway, I still think I’m a bit of a rookie in the game but I hope I’m right on these things.

Btw the music sounds great. Here’s what comes into my mind: This is mostly background music. Can you have a voice-over where the music doesn’t interfere with the voice? Maybe a bit too mid-range heavy…


Hi there,

Your music is good you need not worry about that. You just have to keep in mind that AJ is a formatted market.

The first issue that I see is simply length. Your tracks are too long for AJ. A typical length for an AJ track is around 2 minutes. Obviously there are longer tracks on here, but a longer length needs to be justified. Most videos using our music are between 30sec and 2min, so you need to get to the point fast.

Charity and Salvation: Maybe a bit long, though not as much an issue as for your other tracks. Some reviewers are extremely picky when it comes to strings. Maybe yours are a bit on the thin side. The change at 2:50 could throw off the video editor who might not know what to do with it.

Solem Credits: Piano only tracks are somewhat frowned upon and may get rejected. The track is also too long compared to how much is going on. Cut it to 2min and maybe add some strings and you should be good.

Sports and Training Goals: Great track! But again too long. Also, the cello(?) sample at the end of each round is probably a problem. The sound is too muddy/dirty/ill defined. While it could work great in an artistic environment, it’s not clean enough for AJ.

Notable Noise: Sounds good, again I think it’s mostly a length thing. Also, the clap is a bit loud at times. The hi-hat is too stiff, it needs to groove more. The synth towards the end is a bit cheesy to my taste, but I don’t think this is an issue.

The last track is so relaxing. Maybe the title need to be more like “relaxing ambient”.

I produce commercials for a living!!! … I USED TO buy my music from this site … BUT … lately it’s become to difficult to find anything because it all sounds the same anymore! UGH!!!

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Yeah I agree a lot of it sounds the same. I am trying my best to come up with creative new ideas and not falling into these trends. Altho, I don’t think the frequencies and structure of the track has anything to do with that :smile:

Any video editor worth a anything can cut a track to a shorter length … but even with that said we included a 30 second and 1 minute version of the tracks and have a TON of Cue-Points on other versions of each track. They are EXTREMELY well thought out in regard to track length because … 1) it’s better a track be too long than to be too short when editing … 2) Cue-Points allow you too make important edits to the audio so it can match the video rather than the other way around. Which is very handy when editing video.

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NO! By all means, do NOT be creative. Creativity is frowned upon here. Read the official assimilation guidelines (ven though there are MANY tracks which break the rules.)

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Hi there! “Charity and Salvation” quite long theme and if you read forum a lot, you should know that the best time for customer to start a tune is 5-15 sec (the main theme). If your theme goes for about 1 minute intro only, he simply leaves. Second, on my opinion this track has a bit complicated mood and fits more for listening, not video editing or commercial. Also, there is a lot of piano music on AJ and competition quite high, if your theme sounds similar to someone else it can be rejected as well.
“Sports and Training Goals” needs more quality on my opinion and vocals are often the reason of reject (if you didnt include version without vocals). Dont get me wrong, but in every track you have ‘weak spots’ which give a signal to reviewer to think about reject. If your theme 100% in harmony and style the reviewer won`t even think about that.

Also I want to notice that customer wants finished product with few ready-to-go versions and when you think “hey, I would make this track longer, so customer can cut here or there and gets what he need” then remember - he won`t. We are all too lazy and customer as well. Just make finished, ready-to-go production, so he just takes and puts it in his project.

As advice, I would try to make something different to understand the reason of reject - dance or edm music for example.

Notable Noise - Modern Contemplation and Wonder Very nice relax track )))

Thank you. Now if only someone at Envato would agree :confused:

We’d love to hear from any authors in the USA … especially those affiliated with a PRO. We’re curious if being affiliated with BMI or ASCAP has helped or hurt your rate of approval / rejection.

I listened “Charity and Salvation”. Good music, good quality. Some problems:

  1. To my mind intro is to long.
  2. at 1:09 some problems with bass notes at piano left hand
  3. And finally main problem: all themes is good and interesting, but whole arrangement hasn’t AudioJungle feel.
    When you create track for sale at AudioJungle you must keep in mind that it’s commercial music, and it has some specific. Better way to understand what specific of stock music is to analize some top-sellers. Structure, how many themes in track, ect. And create something close. Find good reference track and try to create similar arrangement of one of your melodies. I don’t need to copy all from this track, but you need to understand what make this reference track perfect as background.
    Quality of music is fine, all you need is to understand this “Audiojungle feel” :slight_smile:
    Good luck!