Should I be special?

Is it such a terrible track that you can’t show it to your customers?

Guys, I think it is time to begin to encourage Envato to the fact that they introduced a new system of reception of items in the shop which they promised.

Otherwise, it will continue. (Unreasonable refusals, keeping certain people in the top, etc.).

We are told that reviewers carry out quality control, and I am sure that the control over the authors is carried out…

I’m not sure that this is an unreasonable refusal. There’s a couple of things that stand out for me. First I would suggest changing the repeating “hey” sample. As a one-shot with only two round-robins, it gets a little irritating. Second, I would have a look at the mix, particularly the drums and the bass. They sound a little ‘flappy’ (for want of a better word) to my ears.
Overall, it’s a nice sounding tune, but I’m not certain what context I would use it in. Maybe a corporate/tech video, but I think it sounds a little dated. (Rich, I know, coming from a guy who mostly makes music that’s over 100 years old! :sweat_smile:)
That’s just my opinion of course.

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If the reviewer did not like “Hey” he should give “soft rejected”. the track itself is commercial with a small creative touch in the form of a light piano melody. If you can not imagine where to use such a track, I would advise you to get acquainted with different projects of our customers and not just watch the advertising and presentation of the iPhone.

Please don’t fall into the “my track is perfect but reviewers hate me” rabbit hole, it’s much healthier to just move on and focus on new tracks, most of AJ authors have been in this situation.

The track is all nice and warm and has a solid catchy foundation that would work well in a house track IMHO, but it does sound a bit dated and unpolished compared to the average approved track on AudioJungle. And the requirements are getting higher every day. The guitar feels synthetic, the piano has some weird lines towards the end, melodies are too busy at moments, then the heys and muffled drums…Overall, most of the track would need a revamp in order to get approved, that’s why the reviewer has hard rejected it.

Anyway, I’ve said it a hundred times, just listen to the popular tracks section on AJ, you’ll learn so much about style and production quality requirements of AJ.

Good luck with your future items


I openly declare: I receive “rejections”. because reviewers have added my account in the “black list”. it’s not about the quality of music. just someone decided I wasn’t worthy of the job. They don’t like that I openly Express my opinion about the work of Envato as a whole.

It is a proven fact.

But now another game has begun…

Well, why did you ask us for opinion about the track then? If Envato is purposely working against you, you best not spend another minute around here.

The only fact here is: the track you posted was not good enough for approval. Don’t fret because of it, as you learn much more from rejected tracks than from approved tracks. Keep comparing your tracks with AJ best sellers while you’re working on them and your sense of commercial viability and skills will improve dramatically. It’s an eye-opening rite of passage every dedicated author around here has gone through.


You make a conclusion about my abilities on this track, but people who listen to my soundcloud dramatically change their minds and begin to understand why, my not contentment. If you have the desire you can also see the situation as a whole. All tracks on the "hard rejected"list.

Sorry mate. Not a personel judgement but
If i was a rewiever i would reject this track as well.

I also had tracks rejected. But i know why they are rejected. Being objective works in this situation.

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I’m sorry but the first thing that came to mind when I read your comment)
+100 to reputation

What reputation?

The divine race :blush:

What is the divine race? :slight_smile:

We can’t talk about her out loud, or there’ll be more rejection…

Good luck.


Fair point. This kind of music really isn’t my thing. If you really think it would sell well, you should give it a try on a different site. AudioJungle didn’t like it, no big deal. Put it up for sale elsewhere and move on to the next track. :+1:

It might be worth mentioning that the tracks in your portfolio sound much more modern and polished than this one.

That’s the point. I’m trying to make a sound that customers like. I see tracks with similar mixing and sounds that have sales, but the reviewer doesn’t want to consider this factor… Please don’t tell me that there are no tracks with similar sound and musical instruments on Aj.

The sound of this track was deliberately tuned in this way.

That is why I asked a question about a special attitude to me personally

It happened! 3 more deviations. Yes proceed reviewers you do not understand what will be the answer in the near future from my side)


Blame anyone and anything you want, your track still sounds dated and not well produced as others have pointed out. Also, you get rejected before and after your name change so that didn’t help, did it? Could it be the quality of your music after all?

Are you threatening reviewers now? Grow up mate.


Ah, I thought I had recognize the tone!