Ukulele H. R.

I am 90% sure that the reviewer did not listen to this track.

Go to the “Children S” section and listen to the latest tracks. I demand justice.

Are you suggesting that you would have rejected this track? For what reason?

Don’t understand the question.

Didn’t understand your post.

Edit: ok, I understand now. This is your track and it was rejected, correct? And you aren’t happy because you think it’s better than other tracks that have been accepted?

This is my track which got “hard rejected” the reviewer wouldn’t have done it if he had listened to it.

I find the claps at the beginning pretty harsh and sizzly and rhythmically their just a little different than a typical AJ composition, i know if i had to listen to hundreds of these a day that would probably be enough for me to hit the reject button right off the start… it’s great otherwise though.


Go to the “Children S” section and listen to the latest tracks.

I did. I think you’re right there in terms of mix/quality. But those claps are kinda weird… just my opinion.

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The flowers:

  • The composition is fun and fits the children category. :slight_smile:
    (Maybe a bit busy for background music, but still okay from my point of view).

The pot:

  • Bass sound a bit muffled.

  • Some track sections ends in weird ways (AudioJungle is picky about endings).

  • Claps gets annoying over time (a very short time, to be more precise).

Just my honest opinion. :slight_smile:

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The most frustrating thing is that Envato won’t admit its mistakes…

I’m listening on my phone so it’s hard for me to comment on quality, but I would say that the whistle sound is a little too artificial. Especially where there are repeated notes. So anything you can do to make that sound more realistic would help.


Rejects are the worst, my friend, but the biggest mistake we can make is to believe our own work is flawless. I hope you have better luck next time!


For me, the view “moderator assistants” least interested. I’m interested in the opinions of people who have no preconceived ideas.

@EvgenM: Could you please stop calling me names or insinuating things about me on the forum? I’m not a moderator, not a moderator assistant and have nothing against you. I found some of your comments towards me insulting recently (alluding to the supposed “limits of my intelligence”), but here I am, giving you some honest feedback. From author to author. You shouldn’t read more than there is in my posts (or those of the other authors who took some of their time to help). I’m not of rancorous nature, by the way. :slight_smile:

I always try to comment on tracks in the most constructive way I can. Never in a nasty way.

Edit: The "flowers/pot" is an expression employed where I live. It is not meant to be offensive. :slight_smile:

I’ll wait for other writers to run out of patience and have the courage to say what they think. and with the policy Envato which is held this hour - this moment will come very soon…

Envato do you accept this track or should I go to the search engine and search for interesting items? it’s not blackmail, you know that…

Well they didn’t accept it did they?

That’s the point. I get enough rejection, and I don’t resent it… But in these tracks I invest soul and will defend them by any means…

Do whatever you need to do, but when starting an item-feedback thread where multiple authors are taking the time to give you feedback… I’d advise against completely ignoring them and just continuing to rant about not having your item approved. Just my dos centimos.