Should I be special?



I didn’t change my name for rejection. I changed it because the new design of the search engine makes the entire text unreadable.

I had no doubt that the authors will justify the reviewers, tell me how bad I am… That’s all the writers are capable of. Oh, sorry. also, the authors are able to “+1” to write without understanding the entire essence of what is happening)

What is the threat? You seem to be deliberately trying to make me look bad) Well, personally, from you to expect anything else shouldn’t)


I think in 6 years you can and will have 2 thousand sales. But most importantly-continue to strongly protect Envato)


Yes, I’m known to be the strongest protector of Envato…



Memes aside, I listened to your track. It’s not bad, but I can definitely understand why it was rejected. Here are some notes:

  • What genre is this? What sort of project do you imagine this being placed in?
  • The 'hey’s sound very out of place and repetitive
  • There appears to be a strange, dark droning sound in the background from the start - it doesn’t quite fit
  • The drum beat is too complex and confused for this sort of track
  • The muted guitars probably have too much reverb / delay and are played too low
  • The sawtooth synths around 0:10 and 0:55 are quite out of place

Overall, this is a very confused track. It’s far too experimental to be accepted on AJ in my opinion. Please try not to always blame someone else for your own rejections. It’s far more constructive and valuable to your own skillset to try and work out what you might have done wrong and what you can do to improve your work.


:slight_smile: I like this track. Good foundation to work on. But like other authors have said, it contains many perfectible aspects.

Do you play guitar? If so, it could be an idea to record a real one in your tracks.

The one used is reminiscent of an early 90s soundfont or a guitar from a limited sound module. It could work in a classic 80s or 90s track, but this one doesn’t have such a vibe, so the guitar simply comes across as rigidly cold midi.

If it’s a recent sample library with a good range of sampled layers, try to humanize it more (tiny timing differences, small velocity variations, make good use of round-robin, automate a discrete random filter or anything else to make it less stiff).

I know you from a classic giant thread, so I have no illusion about how my comment will be interpreted, but you posted this message under «item-feedback», so I gave some.

I’m confident that you’ll learn to develop the skills to accept constructive criticism at some point in your creative journey. Good luck! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t matter who a poster is but it’s quite obvious because his Soundcloud contains his name. Thing is, if l were a reviewer l’d be tempted to give your items a pass now no matter what, so that you would over time agree with my choices!

Take a shop selling luggage. You come in with a silver trophy, a masterpiece. They cannot put it in their window because they sell luggage, even though the trophy is sort of a container too. So l think they are particular about their style, call it an in-house style. They know their metrics plus they have a right to do whatever they want, self destructive or (more likely) constructive.

All the best! “Fear is the mindkiller” don’t be paranoid, it’s just about the money.

NIce track btw, if a little overcrowded at its peak. (I would have allowed it, even though the “hey” sounds a bit repetitive & unstable due to the round robin)


The real issue here is that Envato doesn’t give authors a bullet list of faults. That’s really bad & l’m sure it has destroyed people’s potential careers (l saw one person’s submission, it got rejected, their Soundcloud seems to have then been completely deleted of tunes), easily cured by a pre-made multiple choice checklist that examiner can fill in for the applicant within seconds, or just an audio clip of examiner talking, automatically recorded & emailed to applicant.


Hello guys. I could not stop reading the topic.

I have a similar problem. They have already rejected two of five songs that I sent with this justification:
" This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard
required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately. "

Can you give me some feedback?
As I am new here I understand that my songs may not be what Envato thinks of quality. However, it is difficult to know how to improve because they do not give detailed answers.

Help me please. Because I want to sell.

Thank you very much!

Good songs!

Link from one of my rejected songs:


You need to completely replace your musical instrument libraries.

Look for the library on YouTube. Listen to the demo video. you need to learn to determine when the sound is similar to a live performance.


Why reviewers mislead authors. It was supposed to be about the poor quality of the music, not about compliance with commercial quality standards.


Because “General Commercial Quality Standard” apply to all.


if you at the beginning will read what types of letters exist on the “rejected”, your comments will be more like the truth.


Is it really so hard to understand?


On the contrary, due to the fact that all the authors receive the same letters, I can say with confidence that the tracks are rejected automatically. And reviewers don’t listen to them.


and where is your proof?


I’m not smart enough to talk to you. Excuse me.


Let’s pretend that you are telling the truth for a while.
Then why are you still uploading tracks? They’ll be rejected anyway? Why do you waste your time and energy?


Maybe because I’m here for clients… Should I keep telling you?


No accepted tracks, no clients. Simple math. If all your tracks are and will be rejected,how will you reach to clients?