Post your rejected tracks here for feedback

Hello fellow producers and composers!

I think it will be very helpful to create a thread in which everybody can post their rejected tracks. As far as I could find, no such thread exists yet.

This topic will be helpful to us producers, AudioJungle, and her customers in a number of ways:

  1. We can see patterns emerge. For instance: certain styles might get rejected more than others. In this way we are beter able to serve the demand of AudioJungle customers.
  2. We can give each other feedback on tracks so we can improve on our work. This will also be great because AudioJungle doesn’t have a comprehensive feedback system. Your track is either good, needs a small version edit, or gets rejected, as far as I’ve experienced so far…
  3. We can start to speculate on why certain tracks get accepted and others don’t (beyond just the reason that the production quality and commercial value just aren’t high enough)


  1. Post a link to YouTube or Soundcloud of your rejected track
  2. Try as good as possible to add the different versions that were in the zip file
  3. Add genre and bpm
  4. Give feedback to at least one track before you post your own rejected track
  5. You don’t have to upload a rejected track in order to comment on other rejected tracks

Let’s learn from each other!

To kick off, this track got rejected. I had really good hopes that it would be accepted. Seemed to me like a good song for tutorials, background music, fashion et cetera:
Versions in Zip file (5): main track, shorter tracks, loopable version
Style: ambient
BPM: 92

Let me know what you think!

Reason of rejection is not evident for me. I only can suppose: it is not enough stylish.

  1. Chords progression is rather jazzy and romantic in B part, but static in A-part. B-part chords are not expected by listener and make this track too much expressive for commercial music.
  2. Japanese-like instrument is not “from this style”.
  3. Sidechain-like technique with pumping pad is too expressive for reviewers.

It’s only suggestions) I can’t see any evident reasons.

Thank you Konstantin, those are good points!

I feel the same way. I don’t understand why the title was rejected. Personally, I like it very much. It also fits very well with the themes for which the play is intended.

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It’s a really good track. It feels like 70’s (and 80s) Japanese Funk tracks. I really enjoyed it
But for AJ and stock music standards it’s too complicated and too crowded. There is too much happening in the track. And the "out-of-tune"ish notes don’t help either. They are awesome from an artistic point of view but I’m not sure if it works for stock music.

I would try to do a simple and plain version of this track and try again.

Thanks MagicMood! I totally get it, and agree. There’s too much going on in this track to make it a good commercial track for background and stuff like that.

I will try to edit the track and make it more simple

Post your rejected tracks here for feedback! :smiley:

I think it’s a great track and can see it working great with many different types of video. I think it may be the B section which seems to take the track into a different mood which could be the reason for rejection. Though other libraries don’t seem to have a problem with this (and sometimes encourage it!) AJ doesn’t seem to feature many tracks that do this.
I would maybe write a B section which is more similar to the A, or even cut it entirely and just upload a 60 sec version of the track (this is what I’ve done in the past and it has then been accepted).

Also, nice use of “the lick”!

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Hi Daniel, great tips! Thanks. Yes “the lick” is hidden in the bass part. I couldn’t help my self playing it in this tune LOL :rofl: