Where do I find an a customer's support licence expiry date/period?

Hi peeps,

Can anyone tell me where I can find an an individual customer’s support licence expiry date/period in the dashboard?


Found it thanks.

You can make use of a tool that uses Envato API, such as the one that we sell on our account.
Just by the Purchase code you are able to find the date of purchase and expiry day!
Check it out: https://codecanyon.net/item/envato-purchase-code-verify-script/19441507

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Thanks, that looks pretty cool. :+1:
Does it come with any docs?

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Thanks @NativePlugins.
We provide documentation with the script, but you can also have a look at it on our support forum here: http://support.ezcode.pt/knowledgebase_category/envato-purchase-code-verify-php-script/
It’s a simple script where you only need to create your own API token, and replace it on the Personal Token variable.

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