Authors with outside support sites, how'd you implement the new support expiration functionality?

Authors with outside support sites, how’d you implement the new support expiration functionality?

Are you doing a check on login then setting a custom field? Then set a transient to check against this every couple days or? Not quite sure what the best way to go about this is. Then if support has expired, I’m guessing best practice would be to log them out, display a message explaining whats up with a link back to Envato?

Yes, it is problem. I am using a basic countdown for buyers in support forum.

when registered a buyer with purchase code, you can get purchased-date, support_until, etc. i am using:

if ( purchased-date > date(‘support_until’) ) { echo = ‘supported’ } else …

But if a buyer purchase 12 months support in future, how i can know it ? or how we can check it ? because purchase code is changing always, for new purchases. buyer need to register again ?

Actually we are supporting everytime who registered a buyer in support forum. there is unlimited support :smiley: we can not ban! they ahah :smiley:

Lets see what happened.

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Store purchase code in database with support expiration date. Only re-check that code when the date expires or (if you want to check for refunds) check it every time they ask a question. Don’t keep checking all the codes every few days.

No point developing the “support has expired, go here to purchase more” because that feature doesn’t exist yet on Envato. You’ve got 6 months until the first expiry so don’t worry about it just yet :slight_smile:

That sounds like the best way to do it. On the repurchase I could just direct them to my own packages, there’s no reason why Envato should be taking a cut of the support packs its absolutely ridiculous.

It won’t be allowed for sure. :slight_smile:

somebody pls help me…
i have downloaded this pack from event and i get error after download,
pls would you guys have a brief information as to how i can download this pac now

why do we have to go to so much hassle to download even after paying and loosing so much time and data usage on line…

Have purchased 1 year support from “Condor5” on 2 separate scripts. Hainvg installation errors that need to be addressed rapidly but am not hearing anything from them.
Have joined their separate outside support forum or ticket system and still no response. What can I do?